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Improve robotic process automation outcomes with Nintex RPA Central

The next step in the evolution of robotic process automation (RPA) has arrived. Nintex RPA Central increases an organization’s level of control over bot deployment and security.

Nintex RPA Central provides a centralized hub and web-based interface from which to orchestrate and administer your bots, enabling you to more easily drive better outcomes. What’s more, it facilitates seamless integration with the wider Nintex Platform, as well as third-party systems like SAP.

As more companies invest in RPA, they are finding the need for sophisticated features to ensure that robotic process automation drives the efficiency wins to give them a competitive edge.

Nintex RPA Central is here to help organizations supercharge their RPA outcomes.

Understand the robotic process automation hype… and the limitations

The hype is justified

With robotic process automation, organizations can program bots to automate a variety of processes by mimicking human clicks and keystrokes. By replicating human actions this way, RPA is ideally suited to automating repetitive tasks and processes.

RPA improves productivity by reducing tedious and manual work. Not only does this lighten the burden on human resources, but it also frees up skilled and knowledgeable workers to focus on more valuable and rewarding tasks.

Another advantage is that bots can perform these tasks faster and with greater accuracy, reducing human error.

Understand the limitations

For these reasons, bots have become a key automation tool for driving digital transformation. Yet, there are limitations to RPA.

For instance, bots cannot apply judgment or make decisions the same way a human could. Also, bots can break if the tasks they are programmed to carry out are poorly or incorrectly defined, or when app interfaces change.

Nintex RPA Central helps you overcome these limitations.

The solution provides users with a powerful and intuitive interface from which to better manage obstacles that can arise. If you have more control over the rules you are setting for bots, you can make more efficient use of them to achieve outcomes aligned with your wider business strategy.

Understand your processes

It is also helpful to gain a full understanding of your current processes, so that you know which tasks are suitable for RPA bots and which are suitable for other automation technologies, such as workflow automation. Process mapping can help here.

At Nintex, we recommend beginning all digital transformation initiatives with process mapping. This way, you can identify the current state of your processes and gain insights into what works, what doesn’t, where’s there is room for improvement, and crucially, where using RPA can deliver the best results.

RPA Central: All you need to know

Let’s look more closely at Nintex RPA Central. The solution adds the following functionality and features to drive better outcomes:

  • Manage bots, tasks, licenses, and users
  • Publish and unpublish botflows™
  • Review, approve or deny bots from accessing Nintex RPA Central
  • Protected, encrypted communication between Nintex RPA Central and RPA bots
  • High-security requirements aligned with Active Directory Authentication

“Nintex RPA Central provides a one-stop location for securely administering your RPA bots, task assignments and users. Nintex’s process platform and RPA capabilities make it fast, easy, and cost-effective for every organisation to successfully manage, automate, and optimize enterprise-wide business processes.”
– Neal Gottsacker, Chief Product Officer, Nintex

Bots without borders

Integration across different apps and systems is key to successful RPA outcomes. Bots are particularly useful for automating tasks involve IT systems that don’t support the use of APIs.

At Nintex, we are pleased to announce the recent availability of the new Nintex RPA for SAP Connector. This allows organizations to implement RPA bots to carry out tasks that require access to SAP solutions, including on-premises SAP systems. SAP RPA tools like these are one more reason to opt for Nintex RPA.

Elevating RPA to the next level

Nintex understands the limitations of robotic process automation and had created Nintex RPA Central to better serve organizations looking to automate key processes and achieve wider digital transformation goals:

  • Pay by the outcome, not by bot numbers — because it’s not about how many bots you have; it’s about the outcomes they achieve.
  • Automate at scale, with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools that empower the line of business to push forward with digital transformation.
  • Apply bots across multiple applications, so it can be applied to all your most valuable workflows.

With RPA Central, users have a powerful web-based interface to orchestrate, administer and secure all of this. RPA Central also offers advanced role-based security and control features, so that you can access the power of Nintex RPA while ensuring that IT and operations professionals have full control.


To learn more about RPA Central and how the Nintex Platform can drive your digital transformation initiatives forward, get in contact with the Nintex team today.


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