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6 ways to improve productivity with process automation

Got a never-ending to-do list? Bugged by the little things? Process automation is helping employees in organizations of every size get to the tasks that matter, fast. Across industries, automation relieves staff of manual administration, leaving more time for higher value work. Here we take a look at 6 ways to boost productivity with process automation.

Improve productivity with process automation

The best process automation solutions can be quickly deployed, are easy to use (no coding skill needed) and deliver a rapid ROI. Here’s 6 ways your organization can improve productivity with process automation.

  1. Speed up email response times

Even in a world of instant messaging platforms, emails still come in swift and fast, which means we can’t always reply to each one. Automated email responses might seem impersonal, even cold. But when personalized elements are included – perhaps even a bit of humor – automated emails save employees time, deliver quick, to-the-point responses, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  1. Back-up automatically

We all know the importance of backup and recovery. But manually backing up your data takes a lot of time and effort. Ideally, backups run quietly in the background, but in reality they are labor-intensive, require attention (to storage overheads, retention etc.), and take time away from higher-value tasks. Automated workflows that include automatic back-ups can be put in place to take care of the entire backup process, removing the need for human intervention, and saving IT admins a huge amount of time.

  1. Find time for group meetings

When meetings contain a lot of people, it can be hard to find a time which suits everyone. If you find yourself trawling through employee calendars trying to juggle various times that work for multiple stakeholders, then an automation tool could be the solution. Automated group meetings find the earliest time possible for everyone to meet, cross-checking your contacts’ calendars and automatically scheduling a meeting. This can significantly reduce the admin time needed to organize meetings, giving your employees more time to work on the meeting content instead.

For anyone who spends a significant amount of time arranging large meetings, automated group meetings are a game-changer.

  1. Use automatic business intelligence metrics

Access to business data used to be reserved for a select few. Now, data is readily available across applications – giving business leaders and managers insight into the inner workings of their organization. Automatic business intelligence metrics don’t just relieve employees of manual data entry – they also provide pertinent information about operations happening in real-time. In the fast-moving digital world, in which data quickly goes out of date, real-time analytics help leaders make fast, time-sensitive decisions, and gain a more accurate overview of business operations.

  1. Discover chatbots for employee queries

Managers, and HR staff in particular, can be bogged down with queries from their employees. Many of these queries will be of the same ilk, and HR managers can find themselves retyping the same answers. With automated chatbots, your HR department can generate automated answers to common questions or provide links to FAQ webpages. This saves HR staff time, allowing them to focus on bigger HR projects, and help employees with more specific, unique, or pressing HR issues.

  1. Make internal processes more efficient

Ultimately, process automation makes business processes more efficient. This could be anything from payroll processes, employee onboarding, project management, delivering marketing campaigns, or dealing with customer queries. Many business processes, still in 2022, rely on paper forms and/or manual administration, and other outdated methods. These approaches are more time and labor intensive and require significant input from employees. Instead, employees can improve productivity with process automation, reducing time spent on manual, administrative tasks. And leaving more time for the good stuff. 

Process automation productivity stats

Remove the monotony of manual

Feel like a robot at work? Whether you’re spending too much time dealing with employee queries, entering data manually, or arranging meetings, automating these tasks can take the tedious repetition out of your everyday workload.

Ultimately, automation software lets us focus on higher value work – those projects we can really sink our teeth into. Process automation helps employees work at their best, deliver on KPIs, and smash productivity goals. For anyone looking to achieve more, automation is your new best friend.



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