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The 4 ways process mapping can improve your employee experience

The benefits that process mapping can offer organizations is enormous. At the top of the list is its ability to improve the employee experience by making their working lives easier. By outlining a clear structure of which tasks should be done by whom, when, and in which order, organizations can ensure that their processes run smoother and everyday frustrations are eliminated.

In this article, we will look at how process mapping promotes ownership and accountability, how it can boost team engagement and culture, and how it helps to support overall operational excellence.

1. Promote process ownership and accountability

When you map and document your processes, it’s easy to roll them out with greater integration, consistency, and accountability. This means that employees have better visibility into, and ownership of, their processes.

Everyone in the organization should be involved in process mapping for it to work effectively. Employees are often the best people to correctly identify areas for optimization within their own processes. And, with each employee able to capture, store, share, and improve the business processes that affect them, the entire system becomes more transparent. This leads to a collaborative culture in which employees remain proactive and accountable.

2. Boost team engagement and culture

A process-oriented culture means teams aren’t reliant on multiple sources or people to find information. Having best practices documented is helpful for newcomers, and anyone looking to find out what you do and how you do it. Laying out information and making it easy to find leads to more useful and engaging conversations around team collaboration. And it allows employees to perform tasks in a more effective and efficient manner.

Process mapping is also effective in boosting team engagement and culture because it allows organizations to turn complex procedures into easy-to-follow systems of working. In creating a single, centralized process map that everyone in your business can see, you will improve collaboration and communication across the board. This lends itself to a culture of open discussion, which inevitably boosts company-wide engagement.

3. Support operational excellence

A clear understanding and visual representation of how processes work helps people to identify areas in need of improvement and increases efficiency in a workplace. With effective process mapping, process improvement becomes everyone’s job—which is good news for achieving operational excellence.

Operational excellence:
A philosophy that embraces problem-solving and leadership as key to continuous improvement.

Furthermore, a central process repository ensures that new staff can hit the ground running and be productive straight away. It also means that they learn the correct way of doing things, from their very first day. This contributes to continued operational excellence as everyone fulfills their set roles and keeps the wheels turning while looking out for new ways to make improvements.

4. Support wider operational excellence

Process mapping can fundamentally improve the way in which we work and in turn improving how we feel about the work itself. By empowering organizations to establish complete visibility and control over enterprise processes, process mapping gives employees the tools they need to effect change at every level. This has a wider impact on the entire organization.

When easy-to-follow process maps exist, your employees can find the information they need quickly. Everyone is kept informed of any changes that impact them—inviting real collaboration and continuous improvement of an organization’s processes.

Process mapping also removes inefficiencies and frees up time for your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. There will be fewer delays due to process bottlenecks, and a reduction in human error so your employees can get on with growing your business. All of this contributes to greater levels of productivity, better job satisfaction, lower levels of frustration and an all-round productive and happy workforce.

Your business can improve the employee experience with Nintex Promapp®

These days, companies appreciate that collaborative processes are essential to business success. Effective process mapping puts everyone on the same page with a clear idea of what they need to do, how to do it, and why it matters. When process information is easily accessible and always up to date life is easier for everyone.

Nintex Promapp® is our intuitive, flexible, and customizable process map solution that can help empower your employees and support your organization’s operations. With Nintex Promapp®, you can bring your processes to life, optimize them continuously for ongoing success, and, as we’ve discussed today, improve the experience of all your employees.



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