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If automation is a pizza, don’t get lost in the sauce

This month’s Pizza and Process was an exciting one as we featured our very own Pat Nguyen, Nintex Senior Business Analyst, alongside event host, Jonathan Butler, Nintex Product Manager. The episode is now available to watch on-demand.

In the episode, the two talked about stakeholder communications, employee offboarding processes, and their favorite places to grab a slice of pizza.

Kicking off a Nintex project

After Jonathan made an introduction, he asked Pat what made him start leveraging the Nintex Process Platform for his projects. Pat admitted it was his own curiosity that led him to tinker around with the Nintex platform to help complete many of his projects. He sought out Nintex experts internally, within the Nintex Community, reviewed help documentation, and watched how-to videos.

“I started a few automation projects and my team saw the immediate benefit of using the Nintex Process Platform internally,” Pat said.

Now Pat and his team have hundreds of automated processes running for multiple departments, with more automation requests continually added to the queue.

“Whenever someone approaches me to build an automated solution, I focus on the end goal,” Pat continued. “Just like making pizza – you don’t want to get lost in the sauce.”

It’s better to focus on the outcome and to ensure you take all the right steps to reach it. A steaming vessel of dough topped with roasted tomato sauce and bubbling cheese to make you feel like you’re dining at a restaurant in Naples. You don’t need to put every topping imaginable to make it the perfect pizza. In the same vein, trying to automate more than the original goal will cause the workflow to become something it was not intended to be.

There needs to be a collective understanding of the end goal when you clearly define the expected outcome of the automated process. That way, you don’t get lost in the sauce.

Communication drives better outcomes

Over-communication is always better than not enough communication. When Pat meets with his stakeholders on a weekly basis, he always shares his work with a quick demo to show the progress he has made and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

“Instead of waiting until the project is almost complete, the weekly check-ins and brief demos ensure that nothing is derailed and everyone is aligned,” Pat said.

Employee offboarding and the Nintex Process Platform

At the 13-minute mark, Pat began to discuss some of his most impactful projects at Nintex. One being an automated employee offboarding process.

“No one likes to be offboarded,” Pat expressed. “But it’s a process that has to be done and it has to be done well because it’s important to secure our systems when an employee exits the company.”

The automated offboarding process leverages Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms in both Office 365 and SharePoint. Our HR team initiates the offboarding process and then the workflow begins to notify finance, security, sales ops, marketing ops, dev ops, and other relevant teams about relevant action items. The workflow will then proceed to revoke access to internal systems and remove them from Active Directory groups (both in the cloud and on-premises), all while updating Zendesk about all steps taken.

Pat shared how we use the direct Nintex Workflow Cloud integration with Zendesk for additional documentation and tracking. He loves that Nintex for Office 365 allows you to bring a workflow from Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex for SharePoint for a unified automated process.

For increased visibility, Pat’s team added Nintex Promapp® to the automated offboarding process because it provides transparency in a project that involves a lot of contributors.

Ideas for future platform innovation

Jonathan closed the episode by posing this question to Pat: if there is one feature that you could bring to the Nintex Process Platform, what would that be?

Pat said, “I would love to see the ‘Run Now’ functionality in Nintex Workflow Cloud be available across the entire platform. It makes testing a lot easier. I don’t have to publish a workflow to know if a small piece works because I can continually test along the way.”

Pat also noted that he has made this suggestion to the Nintex product team, and it’s in the future roadmap for the Nintex Process Platform.

About Pizza and Process

Nintex Pizza and Process is collaborative webinar series hosted by the Nintex product team. Followers will gain insider knowledge behind product development decisions – featuring discussions with Nintex power-users and process experts. New episodes air monthly. Register for the next episode or watch past sessions on-demand here.



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