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Identifying your eSignature implementation team

Congratulations! You’re ready to replace those paper-based processes with ones incorporating eSignatures!

You’ve realized the cost advantage, conducted a thorough vetting of potential vendors, and selected the provider that fits your long-term needs. Now it’s time to begin your plan for implementing eSignature technology. What’s the most important ingredient in your eSignature implementation? Your implementation team!

Your new commitment to making your business more efficient will bring about exciting changes within your organization. Understanding that adapting to change can be difficult, we’ve provided the first step to help you successfully implement eSignatures throughout your organization:

Identifying your eSignature implementation team

Specifically, you will need three kinds of people at your organization. Depending on the size of your company, that may actually mean three different people, one person wearing multiple hats, or it could even mean three groups of people.

Regardless, you’ll want to identify these 3 key members for your implementation team:

  • Administrator(s) – The Admin role for eSignature technology could also be called its owner. This person will handle all the initial setup, coordinate branding of your eSignature documents, grant (and revoke) access for end-users, and be the first line of support for early adoption questions. This person will need to have a very open channel and solid relationship with your eSignature provider.
  • End-User(s) – Who is going to be using your eSignature software on a daily basis today, tomorrow, next year, and the year after? However your organization is set up, you will have pre-identified your end-users. These are the people who need the very best training on the product because they will be the customer-facing users of this technology. They need to be excellent representatives for your company with your new eSignature technology.
  • Technical Resource(s) – If you’re planning to integrate the selected eSign provider with your current back-office software, such as your CRM or DMS, this member has probably already been identified. For any tool that your organization uses, there will be specific integrations, APIs, documentation, and support requirements. The scope of their contribution will typically depend on the complexity of your integration, and your business’s specific use case. Whether you hire (or train) an in-house software developer or rely on a third party or eSignature provided developer, integration is key to optimizing your implementation and use of eSignatures.

Keep in mind that, ultimately, company leadership in the C-Suite is responsible for the success of eSignature implementation. The executives must lead the charge as the champions for a more efficient organization, but without administrators, well-trained end users, and talented developers, your chances of success are much lower.

Before you begin implementation, make sure you have these roles locked down, thoroughly trained, and well equipped to lead your company through this exciting change into the future.



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