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How to stay ahead of competitors with eSignature for insurance

An array of solutions are available to help extend your services online, but not all enterprise cost management (ECM) solutions, claims management solutions, and other software are created equal. Adopting the right technology impacts your market share and client acquisition.

Here’s how to stay ahead of competitors with eSignature for insurance:

  1. Reduce cost. Improve productivity.

Consider the cost associated with the dated ‘print, send, receive, scan, and store’ process. A year’s supply of paper, printer ink, couriers, shipping, return postage, physical storage, etc. can drive a wedge between the black and red on a profit and loss (P&L) sheet. These manual processes create unnecessary costs while creating a huge drain in productivity among agents and staff.

With Nintex AssureSign®, insurance agencies and brokerages eliminate excess cost, reduce turnaround, and provide seamless service. For Knight Insurance Group, reaping the most benefit from eSignature technology meant deploying a Nintex AssureSign integration with their existing total addressable market (TAM) software.

“We’re delivering a premier, fully modern experience to our customers. The ease of electronic signature serves as just one more testament to our commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction… and Nintex AssureSign helps us deliver the best.”

–John Gauge, Systems Administrator, Knight Insurance Group

  1. Diminish errors and omissions (E&O) exposure.

When agents send contracts, policy applications, coverage election forms, onboarding paperwork, and other client forms with Nintex AssureSign, they’re choosing a legally compliant and digitally secure solution. However, agility and security aren’t the only benefits eSignature brings to insurance.

No client or agency wants coverage to lapse because of an unchecked box or a missing date. Electronic signature eliminates errors and omissions by automatically alerting clients of any fields they leave blank on your form(s).

Need to send claim paperwork or other forms that require photographs, I.D., or other attachments? Clients can easily attach supporting documentation during the signing process.

All forms and associated attachments/documents are stored in a single, digital file – making retention or accessing them later, easy

With eSignature, your forms are completed to satisfaction the first time, making it easier to extend world-class service to clients without exception.

  1. Create a competitive edge.

Providing an exceptional client experience certainly lends a competitive advantage. Yet, factors like faster onboarding and increased close rates—benefits that other ECM solutions and claims management solutions lack—are what put your agency or brokerage ahead in the game.

Agencies remain competitive by offering a rapid, user-friendly onboarding experience. With eSignature, clients can complete the entire onboarding process on your agency’s website, through email, or even with a single text message 

  1. Delight clients with a legal and secure digital alternative.

If you’re looking to attract new clients—while delighting your current portfolio—digitizing your entire value chain from cradle to grave is pivotal. In fact, many consumer analysts point to the rise of non-traditional digital insurance alternatives to support the conclusion: clients don’t just look for online functionality, they demand it.

But in a time when consumers are more digitally conscious than ever, you can’t simply choose ECM solutions or claims management solutions arbitrarily.

Since the passage of UETA (1999) and the ESIGN Act (2000), electronic signatures have been leveraged within insurance and beyond as a legal and more secure alternative to wet ink signatures. Nintex AssureSign gives insurance groups like Grange Insurance peace of mind with a long-standing cybersecurity record and a 100% Microsoft Azure-based data environment. Client and other sensitive data are protected with 256-bit encryption and our multi-layered security protocols, which have earned FIPS 140-2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

eSignature empowers agents and brokers to provide their clients with the exceptional service they deserve and the security they expect.



Want to try out Nintex AssureSign for yourself? Click here to request a free trial.



Maddie Forman

Maddie is a Marketing Coordinator for Nintex based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She joined the Nintex Corporate Marketing and Communications team following the acquisition of AssureSign. Maddie assists in managing Nintex’s social media, creating design assets, and producing customer evidence content.

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