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How to Kick-Start Performance Support and Other Hot Topics

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the eLearning Guild’s first annual FocusOn Learning Conference in Austin, Texas.  It was a great event and we enjoyed sitting in on a number of thought-provoking, highly informative sessions led by some of the industry’s most celebrated leaders, as well as presenting some amazing sessions of our own (a warm thank you to everyone that attended!).

Technology was front and center throughout the event and attendees were looking for solutions to speed up their learning initiatives or improve them.   With organizations transforming their businesses for new digital platforms and marketplaces, more effective and intelligent workplace learning solutions are also needed to make these transitions as smooth and painless as possible. The conference concentrated on three technologies that are emerging on the forefront of the modern learning ecosystem: Performance support, mobile and video.

The main takeaway from the show was that the  learning and development community must evolve. L&D professionals need to explore the various ways these technologies can be applied to organizational learning and ensure successful adoption.  The problem is that as an L&D professional, you “get it,” but often your leadership doesn’t.  While L&D departments traditionally focus on learning strategies, they now have a responsibility to show how their efforts also help solve business issues.  Performance support makes this possible by providing efficient and effective learning that affects the business in real-time; it knows how to react quickly to the demands of the business, and helps deliver business results.

The use of mobile technology is another area that had big interest at the show and one that is quickly gaining popularity to support workplace learning.  After all, who doesn’t have a mobile phone today? Many employees are carrying the most sophisticated computers ever created in their pockets, but traditional learning methods have not leveraged the potential of mobile delivery to enable performance.  This is why we were very excited to announce during the conference that Leo Performance Support now features an ‘Export to Mobile’ function that gives your employees instant access to your training and support content – at any time, on any mobile device, anywhere in the world!

On the other side of the coin is what to do once the need for new learning technologies has been recognized and now needs to be implemented. Preparing to implement a performance support system requires forethought and planning, but it doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming.  To get started, a number of questions need to be addressed, such as: What factors should you take into consideration? What resources are required? Where should you first deploy the solution? Across which business processes?

To answer these questions, our sessions at the conference identified the most important factors to kick-start performance support in your organization and the steps to take to prepare your organization for successful implementation and to ensure the best outcomes.  You can access our presentations from the show at the links below:

Let us know what steps you plan on to kick-start performance support in your organization.  We are happy to help and answer any questions.


Kryon Systems helps organizations around the world to improve their business results by shortening or eliminating training, reducing users’ mistakes, increasing productivity and facilitating compliance with corporate policies and procedures. Kryon’s flagship solution, Leo, provides performance support to organizations. When using Leo, business managers can rest assured that their workforce performs at the level they expect, from the first time, every time.



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