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How to keep employees happy in the 2021 workplace

In 2020 people who traditionally worked from an office, worked from home. Now in 2021, we’re navigating an eventual return to the office. To gauge sentiment toward the evolving workplace, we surveyed 1,000 employees working remotely. We’ve shared how people are feeling about the current world of work in the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study.

A summary of the 2021 workplace with Zoe Clelland

We dive into the survey findings with Nintex VP of Product, Zoe Clelland in the Workplace 2021 Webinar now available to watch on-demand. Zoe shares perspectives from her and her team over the past year which correlate with what we found in the study.

To summarize what Zoe shared, the needs of the workplace have shifted completely since the start of the pandemic. People had to work from home, children were learning virtually, and healthcare professionals (and those in compliance with public health regulations) had to build working solutions overnight.

These solutions ranged from asking the community to donate protective medical equipment to local hospitals, to delivering meals to those in need like our customer Meals on Wheels Central Texas, or screening employees for COVID before entering the premises like our customer Coca-Cola Beverages Florida.

Towards the end of the webinar, Zoe said, “We’ve never done the work from home experiment at this scale before.”

Which is true and that’s what makes the findings of this survey so fascinating!

Nuances by geography, generation, and job role

Some employees are feeling an overwhelming sense of burn-out, others are more productive than they expected to be. Our survey found nuances between east and west coast, generation, seniority, and job functions.

While 56% of employees whose companies have announces plans to return to the office are very excited by the prospect. Yet, 51% of all respondents said their work life would improve with the ability to work remotely.

After all, over 70% of respondents said their experiences working remotely have been better and more productive than they expected.

So what now?

Flexibility. Professionals know that work can get done (sometimes faster) from home. They want the flexibility to do so.

Businesses can capitalize on the flexibility too. Without geographic restrictions – talent pools are wider instead of local people who live near the office.

What’s all this talk about the new normal?

Workplace 2021 represents a “new normal” – and essentially nothing will go back to the way it was but there’s hope in the new normal – eventually. We’re witnessing record-breaking vaccine production. Businesses opening back up. Public events starting to become more populated. And a wider consideration of sanitation across the board.

In the new normal, people need adequate home office equipment, flexible work schedules, a clean workplace, and productivity software. For the latter, you can learn how to turn process pains into business gains by leveraging the Nintex Process Platform. Nintex solutions are maximizing productivity for 10,000 companies in every industry and line of business.



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