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How to choose your eSignature provider – Part 2

In the previous post, we shared some insights for how to narrow your choice of eSignature providers down to a short list. Now it’s time to get really specific with each vendor who is still in the running to earn your business. It’s time to put your finalists through the gauntlet.

The first step is to arrange a full blown demo of their product, so you can experience and learn about both the end-user platform as well as the admin interface.

That’s a key point: there are two sides to any eSignature platform:

  • The end user interface, where your customers will sign documents; and
  • The admin interface, where your internal employees will accept signatures and organize signed and unsigned documents.

Both are important.

Before, during, and after the demo, there are several things to carefully consider: security, pricing renewals, and support.

  • Security: How will your documents be stored and protected? That question should result in a very clear and solid answer. If your potential provider squirms at that question, it’s time to move on. The question of security can also lead into questions about legality: has the document been changed? Is this the same document that was presented to all parties?
  • Pricing Renewals: How will each provider handle your team’s growth? It’s very common for an enterprise user to start small, gain adoption internally, and then add additional users once they get it set up and/or find more use cases for eSignatures within their organization. Some providers might charge an additional fee to add users, or even bump you into a higher pricing tier than when you started. Make sure to ask in the beginning, to avoid any hidden fees.
  • Support: From a solid onboarding process to help your team get familiar with the equipment and document setup, through ongoing training as your team acquires additional use cases and users, a provider’s support for you as a customer is a huge factor in determining the longevity of your organization’s continued use of eSignature technology. Even if a particular vendor’s marketing seems to meet all your requirements, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can handle any obstacle that might arise. Three common methods of providing support are:
    • Knowledge Base – can you quickly look up answers to FAQs or how-to guides?
    • Webinars – consistent (weekly or monthly) webinars aimed at teaching admins and end users specific and common tasks are easy and inexpensive for both parties.
    • Account Managers – will you have a specific individual assigned to your account, someone you can call anytime, and, more importantly, someone who will respond in a timely manner?

After going through all of these questions before, during, and after an in-depth demo from any eSignature provider, your list should now be shorter, and you should be closer to choosing your electronic signature software provider.



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