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Leadership Insights from Nintex CEO: How to choose the right automation vendor

In a recently published thought leadership piece, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson outlines what decision-makers should consider before purchasing automation technology. Learn how to choose the right automation vendor for your organization in the paper, “Choosing the wrong automation vendor can be disastrous. Learn how to avoid it”, which is now available to anyone looking to fix broken processes, optimize manual tasks, digitize paper-based forms, and offer stakeholders visibility into daily operations.

The demand for automation is at an all-time high

Sixty-eight percent of enterprise business processes remain highly manual today. Whether a lack of resources or expertise is causing most companies to rely on manual processes, the good news is that it’s never too late to automate.

Organizations can reap many benefits of successful process automation such as:

  • Moving at a pace of current market conditions
  • Dramatically reducing costs and unnecessary expenses
  • Redeploying talent to higher-value work
  • Pursuing new growth opportunities that may have previously been out of reach

For organizations looking to fully commit to the automation movement, it means there’s good news and bad news.

Good news! There’s no shortage of automation solutions, options, vendors, technology to choose from. And the bad news – well surprise – not every solution is right for every scenario. The problem is that choosing the wrong automation vendor can lead to disastrous outcomes, botched projects, low ROI, missed deadlines, frustrated customers, and so on.

Back to more good news! We want to share our objective thoughts and counsel around choosing the right automation partner for you.

What questions to ask yourself before you start your search for an automation vendor?

  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve? Is it an existing broken process or are you starting from scratch? Will you integrate with another system?
  • Who will build the solution? Who will contribute to the process? How much training is involved?
  • What can the process become? Will it be agile enough to address business challenges that arise today, tomorrow, and in the future?
Want to know if Nintex is the right automation platform for your organization?

How complex will your automation be?

Every automated solution can vary by day, size, department, organization, and so on. But for simplicity’s sake, let’s group automation projects into three tiers:

Tier 1 – Huge complex projects with multiple steps, contributors, and integrations that take months or years to implement.

Tier 2 – Medium projects with moderate levels of complexity and sophistication that take weeks to implement.

Tier 3 – Small projects that are managed and built by individuals or small teams within a few days or hours.

Tier two projects are the sweet spot for most solutions automated with the Nintex Process Platform and that’s where Nintex has established a great track record of success with more than 10,000 customers. But there are some Nintex customers with solutions in tier one and tier three as well.

When you know what type of projects you’d like to automate, try aligning with one of the three tiers listed above, and make sure to find an automation vendor that specializes in your tier.

What questions to ask your chosen automation vendor?

As stated above, it’s good to find out what kind of projects an automation vendor specializes in. Does this vendor’s primary area of expertise align with your business needs?

Research what existing customers are saying. Do the reviews speak favorably? Will this vendor value me as a customer or see me as another anonymous transaction?

Customer references are the best asset a software vendor can have because they demonstrate the ability to drive not just a purchase, but a successful implementation, support, and follow-through.


Business processes have always played a key role in the ultimate success or failure of companies, but never have they been as essential and critical as they are now.

We hope this overview of best practices for choosing a process automation vendor will help you find the best automation solution with a trusted automation vendor. What you automate right now, will help you and your company’s success in the future.

Download your copy of Eric Johnson’s leadership insights paper now!



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