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How Synergi uses Nintex to improve your business processes

We like success stories. Who doesn’t, right? So, we thought we’d share another one with you—the story of a member of the Nintex Partner Network and how they’re able to help their clients using the Nintex Platform. Let’s explore how Synergi uses Nintex to improve your business processes.

Nintex veterans still going strong in 2020

Synergi is a UK-based technology company who specializes in managed services and process excellence. Their experience with the Nintex Platform stretches back more than 15 years, during which time they’ve used process automation to help their clients transform and improve their everyday business processes.

One of these clients is Yorkshire Water – a leading British utility company that services the Yorkshire and Derbyshire regions of the north of England. We’ll focus on this work here and on some of the most important business process improvement examples.

Making sure Yorkshire Water works

Somewhere around 2,500 Yorkshire Water employees work to provide 5.2 million customers with drinking water and wastewater. That means maintaining 116 water treatment works and more than 18,500 miles of pipes. On top of that, the company also collects a billion liters of wastewater and sewage every single day, which is processed at Yorkshire Water’s 612 treatment works.

That’s a lot of water, a lot of people, and a lot of operational processes. Yorkshire Water was very reliant on manual processes that depended heavily on employees’ diligence and hard work to ensure the high standard of service that their customers expect. Many of them were maintained via cumbersome spreadsheets and outdated legacy systems—not the easiest or most responsive way to monitor and track business-critical operations. Staff in the field also lacked the robust, modern, mobile-ready solutions they needed to stay connected with colleagues and data back at base, to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

This situation was quickly becoming unsustainable, so Yorkshire Water needed change. Synergi rolled up their sleeves and set to work.

Planning for every processes and participant

Synergi knows that the first step to transforming an organization’s processes is understanding them. They obtained a clear idea of what the critical processes actually are, their key stakeholders, participants’ needs, which data is involved, and where it needs to flow. This vital information is all surfaced during the thorough process mapping that must occur before process improvement can start to improve your business processes.

In Yorkshire Water’s case, as with many businesses, this also meant factoring in all the disparate systems that needed to be integrated for data and processes to flow smoothly between them. And, furthermore, Yorkshire Water has a responsibility to ensure a wide range of regulatory and service requirements are covered.

Keeping data flowing, stopping water leaking

Synergi discovered that the processes surrounding water leaks comprised one area of Yorkshire Water’s operations, where a new, joined-up, automation-powered, and mobile-ready solution could really make a difference. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful business process improvement examples that came from this story. When water “escapes” are reported, tracked, tested, and fixed in an accurate, efficient, and effective manner, this has a significant impact on both customer satisfaction and company profits – as well as the environment.

So, Yorkshire Water’s new and improved digital processes needed to connect all the crucial data, across every system and device, on the road and at their premises. The data captured during investigations, which can include images, must also be fully documented for auditing and compliance purposes—a laborious task if the reports are created manually, “the long way”. We’ll look at that now.

Generating documents and eliminating the hassle

Using Nintex, Synergi and Yorkshire Water were able not only to streamline the collection of data via easy-to-use digital forms, available on any device but also to expedite and automate report document generation. The Nintex Platform is powerful enough for them to aggregate and harness all the necessary data, and use it to automatically populate report documentation, within Yorkshire Water’s pre-defined templates.

Yorkshire Water deals with a huge volume of crucial workflows for time reporting and other matters. These are running and capturing data thousands of times a day. Only a solution of Nintex Workflow Cloud’s caliber could provide the resilience and performance necessary. As Synergi COO, Justin Short, put it, “Nintex Workflow Cloud has given us the opportunity to build workflows that can scale and perform beyond anything we’ve been able to previously”.

Developing a commitment to improving your business processes

Together with Synergi, Yorkshire Water has not only transformed their operational processes so they can function more efficiently and effectively as a business. They’ve also created a process center of excellence that will set them in good stead long into the future.

It’s this kind of culture that sets organizations up for lasting success. This commitment to improving your business processes supports the agility to move with changing business demands and the ability to evolve and innovate. We’re glad to see Synergi helping to support organizations like Yorkshire Water with the Power of Process®.



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