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How Nintex K2 Cloud supports Google integration

Over the last year, we’ve released a series of capabilities and extensions to the platform that make it easier to integrate Nintex K2 with Google. This includes support for Google-based identities, a connector for Google Drive, and a G-Suite Add-on. Each part in this series enables you to connect Nintex K2 and Google together to work with Google-based documents and data both within Google and within Nintex K2.

Support for Google identities

With the June 2020 update of the Nintex K2 Cloud Platform, your Google identities are fully supported for logging into Nintex K2 and creating forms, workflows, and reports. This means that you no longer need a separate login for Nintex K2 if your company’s main identity provider is Google, which simplifies how the people in your company design and interact with Nintex K2 forms and the task list. This also allows you to start workflows and action tasks from within Google.

For Google admins, we’ve created an example SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) project so you can manage which identities are synced to Nintex K2.

Google Drive connector

The JavaScript Service Provider (JSSP) that debuted in June 2020 for Nintex K2 Cloud allows you to write connectors using JavaScript. Our Google Drive connector, which we created and released to GitHub, allows you to work with files and folders in Google Drive using SmartObjects. You can also perform searches using this connector, so you can access and automate Google Drive from within Nintex K2.

G-Suite add-on

The G-Suite Add-On, also available on GitHub, allows you to show information from Nintex K2 from within the Google Drive UI. This means that when you select an item in Google Drive, a Nintex K2 panel shows contextual information about that document and the K2 actions you can take on that document, such as starting a new workflow or taking a workflow action if a one is already started for that document and you have a task assigned to action that task (review, approve, reject, etc., depending on what the workflow is designed to allow).

This means that you can more easily govern your Google Drive assets with the power of Nintex K2, and seamlessly access and update metadata on those documents with Nintex K2 workflows and SmartObjects.

Check out some of the thinking and demonstrations we showed at Google Next 2019:

Looking forward

As we increase our investment in the types of scenarios we’d like to enable to make Nintex K2 and Google integration more complete, we’re planning to enable Nintex K2 to respond to events in Google (Calendar item created, Google Drive item modified, etc.) so that workflows start automatically without any human intervention. We are also looking at increasing our support for various Google properties and functionality, like Google ML and Google Sheets, shipping a set of icons you can add to the Nintex K2 Workflow Designer and allowing you to create SmartObjects from within Google to easily get data into and out of Nintex K2.



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