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How eSign saves time for busy parents

This Mother’s Day post is brought to you by one of our very own mothers at Nintex, Andrea Schwartz.

Raise your hand if you’re a mom…

HA! That’s a trick call-to-action if there ever was one… and one that no mother would have fulfilled…

Why, you ask?

Do you think that if she had a free hand—as if—she’d waste three seconds of her day dangling it in the air?!

Us moms are busier now than we ever have been, particularly those of us fitting a 9-to-5 in with their maternal duties. Working mothers, myself included, are tasked not only with keeping pace in today’s ‘always connected’ workplace (thanks, technology), but also with the requisites of motherhood that have existed since the dawn of time… or at least since the dawn of childbirth.

From hopping out of bed following the yelps of our all too early alarm to rushing ourselves and our kids dressed, to getting the pets fed, to making lunches, to taking the trash out, to refilling the caffeine tank with Folgers—and that’s all before 8 a.m.—we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Like most working moms, I start my day before most and end it even later…

I love my day job; however, my days are hectic. By the time 5 or 6 p.m. rolls around, I’m often off to my son, Tucker’s soccer practice before heading home to put dinner in the oven.

And when school’s out… summers may lend reprieve to my kiddos, but sports, camps, and other activities tend to demand even more of my time!

Manual processes take time… LOTS of it!

In my day-to-day, I troubleshoot many of our clients’ worries and woes in their digital transformation journey with eSignature. Yet, I often forget just how helpful it can be to those of us constantly fighting against the clock… both professionally and personally.

To lend an example, for just my two boys’ camps, I used to spend at least an hour filling out multiple registration forms. Not to mention, most of the requested information—name, address, emergency contact, etc.—was duplicated across pages that I filled out multiple times.

I thought, “Who has the time for this!?” (see my plight about hand raising earlier).

What’s more, I can’t even begin to guess how much money I’ve throw down the drain over the years on printer ink cartridges!

In short, manually filling out these and other forms during my day-to-day as a mother was taking up far, far too much time.

Electronic signature waiver or form: A Mother’s time heroine

A couple of summers ago, I was filling out some of these forms and waivers for my boys to participate in a local youth soccer club. About halfway through the process, I stopped and decided to approach our parent-run board with an idea.

I asked them to entertain the idea of implementing electronic signatures into their form-filling processes as a method of converting existing paper waivers to an electronic signature waiver.

To my delight, they agreed!

The hour long, 15-page process was immediately condensed to mere minutes…

No more printing, writing, reviewing and signing…. I pulled up and completed the electronic signature waiver and forms right from my iPhone (Android lovers can sign documents on a phone too!).

What previously took 60+ minutes took 5 or less! What’s more, I didn’t waste time staying on-site or making another trip to return the forms once completed.

Now, whether I’m on the soccer field or in-between support calls, I can fill out and submit an electronic signature waiver and other forms on my time!

And… by simply discussing the success the local soccer club has experienced in implementing eSignatures, I’ve since convinced even more of my boys’ activity leaders to digitally convert their registration processes!

This Mother’s Day, give mom what she really wants…

If you asked any mother:

“What’s the best gift you can imagine for Mother’s Day!?”

You’d likely see an overriding theme among the answers…

Any busy mom will tell you that—assuming an unlimited supply of Merlot is off the table—time is the best gift she could ever receive. eSign saves time for busy parents. It gifts moms (and any parent) everywhere with not only a secure signing process, but also with more time to do what they do best… make running the world look easy.



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