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How Does Process Automation Impact Productivity?

Search for “productivity” on your favorite browser and you’ll get millions of results. Tips for increasing it at work. Tips for increasing it at home. Productivity apps for your phone. Explorations of what increasing productivity means for your health, your relationships, your work, your future and your life.

Productivity ranks high on the list of attributes that Forrester Consulting measures when it studies company success. In 2014, Forrester, a renowned and influential research and advisory firm, conducted a Total Economic Impacttm study of the Nintex Workflow Platform and it’s impact on customers.

One of Forrester’s findings? Companies could save $1.4 million over three years by implementing a Nintex solution and increasing their productivity.

Download the full Forrester report for details.

What is Productivity and Why is it Important?

Productivity boils down to a measure of units of output divided by units of inputs.

In other words, how effectively are you using production inputs (labor, capital, materials) to produce a given level of output. To increase productivity, you need to either produce more (Ex. Create five more widgets in the same amount of time) or use fewer inputs to produce the same output (Ex. Create the same number of widgets, but for less money).

Forrester concluded that, “With the Platform, customers are able to automate processes in pace with demand, connect the right people and data in each process, and easily make changes to workflows as processes change. This results in increased productivity for end users and IT, reduced costs associated with automation, better collaboration, and higher quality of work.”

The fact that Forrester evaluates this makes sense to Nintex Territory Manager Aaron Hui as it’s incredibly important to companies.

Nintex Territory Manager Aaron Hui agrees with this evaluation, stating that, “If an organization can simplify and optimize an operation procedure internally, it will increase overall productivity, and the company can provide faster responses to customers and become more competitive in the market.”

Measuring Success

For many companies, boosting productivity is a huge measure of success.

In our series of case studies, Nintex customers share incredible stories of how they improved it by automating processes. Here are just a few of the benefits they experience from automating their processes with the Nintex Platform:

Faster Response to Requests:

Doing more with the same resources means you can get more accomplished. MAN Diesel & Turbo increased business productivity by 55% with Nintex.

“With Nintex, people on the business side now find it easy to build workflows on their own,” said Fernando dos Santos Nunes. “I’ve been in meetings where a business problem was introduced, and by the end of the meeting, there is a running solution in place. People say to me, ‘It’s easy!’, and I say, ‘It’s Nintex’.”

More Time for Company Objectives:

An enormous number of processes and a significant shortage of resources led the National Metrology Institute of South Africa to automate processes. The nonprofit wanted more time to accomplish its mission of maintaining national measurement standards and units for industry in South Africa.

“The Nintex drag-and-drop functionality has enabled our team to create workflows and get them deployed faster than we could have imagined,” said Jayesh Jina, Head of IT at the National Metrology Institute of South Africa. “It’s really made a huge difference in our department’s productivity.”

Fewer Administrative Bottlenecks:

The Department of Transport for Abu Dhabi uses Nintex digital workflow automation to improve efficiency, control spend, reduce errors and enhance productivity.

“The impact of Nintex has been immediate on our business and continues to improve as employees drive more process improvements by way of the workflow platform.” said Saed Taqab, techno-functional consultant at the Department of Transport for Abu Dhabi.

For more information, download the Forrester TEI study on Nintex.


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