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How do governments get digitally fit?

Do you consider yourself to be a government customer? We all are, either directly or indirectly, whether you are passively using public assets like roads, or sporting facilities, claiming benefits, or grants from local, state, or provincial agencies, we are all effectively ‘customers’ of the government via tax dollars.

Globally, the way government organizations are run and structured can differ depending on your location. And of course, there are nuances based on the state, region, or country that they oversee, and the political philosophies and the systems in place can differ tremendously. There are various government structures around the world and yet despite any differences, there is one constant – no matter who has control a central group will be responsible for delivering efficient operations with limited, flattening, or declining budgets.

That’s where digital fitness is really important. Digital fitness in government organizations helps to reduce government costs to serve and improves operational efficiency. The pandemic has only heightened the need for government to act, and this impact is being felt everywhere. For example:

  • 88% of US cities reported 2020 revenue shortfalls1
  • Australian state government forecasted debt will grow by 200% in the next three years2
  • The UK government borrowed £299bn from April 2020-2021, the highest figure since records began in 1946.3

Digital fitness – the time is now

With the massive increase in demand for government services, agencies are needing to adopt better, faster, and new ways to work and operate.

To continue to survive and thrive, there has never been a better time to start, or further mature your digital transformation journey and get digitally fit.

Where to start?

Much like exercising for any individual, being digitally fit as an organization requires a continuous effort but rather than using weights, organizations require technology, time, and perseverance. In the end, you become more fit, more agile, and can weather challenges that come your way.

Digital fitness for a government organization requires teams to develop and maintain continuous practices centered on four key pillars: citizen experience, process culture, operational excellence, and innovation.

We have created a series of Nintex Digital Government Symposiums especially localized to a region near you, where we cover:

  • Organizational digital fitness best practices
  • The four key pillars of digital fitness
  • Why operational excellence is an achievable goal and how it creates value for your government agency
  • What is digital fitness and how you can start your journey
  • How to adopt a process culture to drive your enterprise-wide process automation and optimization efforts
  • Success stories with government agencies that have already achieved digital fitness.
  • Case studies from some of our most successful government customers

Register for a government digital fitness symposium near you

Watch one of our two on-demand sessions of the US Government Digital Fitness Symposium or our EMEA Government Digital Fitness Symposium now!



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