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Bigger, faster, stronger: How ClassPass got fit with sales cloud and document automation

We hear a lot about the importance of digital transformation these days. It’s certainly top of mind with business leaders. Consider that according to Gartner, 86% of CEOs list digital transformation as the key determiner of their success in the next five years. In fact, it’s so mainstream that 40 percent of all technology spending this year will go toward digital transformations, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion through 2019.

But what does digital transformation really mean? I propose that it involves three key components: it’s all about rethinking how organizations apply technology, people and processes to improve business performance.

Examples of companies that embrace this strategy abound. Consider Uber’s reformation of the transportation sector, or how Amazon has completely transformed not only how we buy just about everything we need, but how we quickly we receive goods. The so-called Amazon effect now impacts every purchase we make because the company has trained us to expect amazing experiences with every interaction.

Yet don’t think for a second that digital transformation is reserved for brands that measure revenue by the billions. Some rising stars—like ClassPass—have embraced the concept from the start.

About ClassPass

ClassPass was born in 2013 when the company’s founder was inspired to start an app and website that made finding and booking health and wellness inspired classes effortless. But as with fitness, success did not come overnight.

Helping users easily book classes at studios that have empty spots required a technology stack that could support the company’s commitment to growing bigger, faster and stronger.

The centerpiece of ClassPass technology is Salesforce Sales Cloud, which is used across the organization to manage prospect and customer relationships. Primary users typically include partner business development, which is tasked with growing the company’s network of fitness class providers, as well as teams such customer success and partner communications.

Michael Dooley serves as Sales Operations Manager, Systems and Tools at ClassPass. A key part of his role is to apply systems and processes to help all of his business users do their job as efficiently and effectively. Sounds like the definition of digital transformation, doesn’t it?

ClassPass gets stronger with Nintex

It appears to be working. ClassPass has quickly grown to over 19,000 partners in 200 markets and 15 countries. As Michael related during his keynote at ProcessFest® 2019, one key to his strategy is the application of technology to streamline sales cycles and to do so he relies on Nintex Drawloop DocGen® and Document Automation.

According to Michael, his business development team is focused on acquiring and growing relationships with fitness studios, which in turn enables studios to more easily fill empty slots get the benefit of brand exposure through the ClassPass app.

“When a studio decides to become a partner, our sales team is able to activate our data housed within Sales Cloud opportunities to simplify the creation of contracts. With just a few clicks, Drawloop DocGen® creates a contract customized for the customer.”
– Michael Dooley, Sales Operations Manager, Systems and Tools, ClassPass

Behind the scenes, Michael has configured document templates to surface the right contract the first time, every time, based on parameters such as agreed upon pricing or the partner’s geography. The agreement can also include addendums.

Michael explains, “My goal is to minimize the number of clicks and decisions that need to be made by sales reps and reduce the time it takes to get the deal done. In many cases, the agreement can be sent while on the phone with the partner, or better yet, e-signed on the spot via mobile when the meeting is in person.”

Michael contends the best part of Drawloop DocGen® is its simplicity. He concludes, “There is nothing fancy about this. The brilliance is in the basics.”


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Vincent Cabral

Vincent Cabral is the VP of Product for Nintex Drawloop. Previously he served as VP of Customer Success at Drawloop, which Nintex acquired in 2015.

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