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How citizen developers are powering the public sector

Citizen development has become one of the biggest ways state and local government agencies are creating impact across their organizations.

Often with limited resources (time, headcount, expense), these agencies are empowering business users across departments with robust and easy-to-use process improvement solutions to minimize paperwork, save time and reduce costs.

In this post, we showcase a variety of public sector agencies who are making impressive strides for their organization with Nintex.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Hawkes Bay Regional Council (HBRC) scientists gather up to 50 samples in a single day for testing. In the past, information gathered in the field would be captured on paper forms by scientists with clipboards. That data would be manually entered into systems and re-checked for accuracy.

When HBRC upgraded from clipboards to tablets, Nintex was there to help streamline their clunky, paper-based manual processes. Using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, scientists can now upload data in the field, directly to their internal systems – with no manual data entry, re-entry, or manual checks. Leveraging Nintex Mobile on their mobile devices, field scientists also discovered opportunities to correct outdated questions as they went.

All this has saved days of processing and data verification time.

Over the five-month testing period, the new system saved the council 200-300 hours of work, which has allowed them to take on important projects monitoring freshwater and climate change. With Nintex, scientists can accurately and seamless capture and record data from anywhere.

To learn more, read the case study.

Israeli Court Administration

The Israeli Court Administration (ICA) operates within the Ministry of Justice to oversee the operation of the country’s courts, as well as the Bailiff Office and Center for Collection of unpaid fees and expenses.

In the past, the ICA relied heavily on inefficient, paper-based processes for case management. Their departments struggled to scale the mountain of paperwork received each workday as up to 3,000 new cases were filed, with as much as 100,000 legal documents.

For obvious reasons, the ICA needed to modernize and automate their paper-based processes – so they turned to K2 Software.

Leveraging Focus Integration Systems, an IT systems-integration partner, ICA implemented K2 Software to design a sophisticated case management solution. This pioneering solution is comprised of 150 workflows and creates a seamless electronic process that covers the entire lifecycle of each legal case filed, from submission to judgment.

The new case management process has completely eliminated the need for courts to handle reports, forms, and correspondence. Of the 100,000 new documents that enter the court system every day, 40,000 are now received or generated electronically with the remaining 60,000 paper-based documents electronically scanned and tracked upon receipt.

Read the case study to learn more.

National Gallery Singapore

The  National Gallery Singapore is the largest visual arts venue and museum in Singapore and boasts a collection of over 8,000 pieces of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art.

Due to security and governance requirements, the Gallery struggled with a manual and long-winded process for publishing request for proposals (RFPs) and tender documents.

National Gallery Singapore implemented Nintex RPA and Nintex Workflow to create a rapid and easy-to-use solution – complete with admin privileges – to automate the approval, review and publishing process.

In the first four months of use, the National Gallery Singapore has published over 100 RFP and tenders using the Nintex Workflow and Nintex RPA solution. The new process has addressed the Gallery’s security concerns, while reducing errors, saving time and providing an improved experience for its users.

This isn’t the first Nintex solution the Gallery has implemented. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gallery established a contract tracing solution leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Watch our popular series, Workflow Wonders featuring National Gallery Singapore, to learn more about their solutions with Nintex.

Public sector agencies around the globe are utilizing low-code and no-code process automation platforms to effect change inside – and outside – their organization by minimizing manual processes so employees can focus on more meaningful work.



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