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How Can Document Generation Benefit Tech Companies?

The extreme growth of the industry and rising demand for tech solutions can result in tech companies putting their own technology needs on the backburner. Selling and hiring sometimes takes precedence over addressing their internal needs or processes with document generation.

However, automating document creation with document generation can help increase selling productivity and improve new hire efficiency by reducing administrative tasks. In other words, a minimal investment in technology and the streamlining of your sales and training document processes can exponentially increase the amount of time you have to close new business.

Regardless of size, many tech companies invest in Salesforce. While adopting Salesforce is a step in the right direction, technology alone does not solve process challenges. Salespeople must still consistently adopt the technology and comply with internal standards to make it a success. The challenge is enforcing both.

I’d like to share a story of a tech company that benefitted from document generation. But first, let me walk through the whys of how this industry can benefit from adopting Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation:

What Are the Benefits of Document Generation?

Technology companies can benefit from automating document creation in a few ways:

  • Saved timeTech is an ever-changing, fast-paced industry. Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation takes the manual task of creating documents on your desktop and automates it entirely in Salesforce.
  • Consistent brandingTech is a very competitive market and you need to stand out with a consistent look and feel. Document generation requires that all documents are now templates in your Salesforce environment. This gives you complete control over branding.
  • Improved data complianceWith document generation, the data used to generate these documents is directly pulled and merged from either Salesforce or a third party source via Salesforce. In other words, if your data isn’t accurate and up-to-date, your documents won’t be.

What Documents Can Tech Companies Automate?

Here are just a few of the many types of documents that tech companies can automatically create with document generation:

    • New Hire Training & OnboardingGrowth not only equals growing revenue but it also means a growing team and more people to train. Besides streamlining your sales process, document generation in Salesforce creates a consistent training and onboarding process. New hires are ramped up quickly and they are much more confident in their ability to sell and service knowing that just a click of a button produces the documents they need.
    • Quotes & ProposalsQuotes and proposals typically mean hours of administrative work for tech salespeople. For Salesforce users, utilizing document generation eliminates multiple headaches. You avoid touching data twice – once to put it in Salesforce and the other to manually copy it into a quote or proposal.

Also, your quotes and proposals are now templates that sit in Salesforce, removing the pain of creating them on your desktop.  A third benefit is that you simply click a button to generate and send these documents instead of having to create multiple emails with multiple attachments. That means more hours to do what you were hired to do – sell.

  • ContractsTech contracts can be complex and that means extensive legal review. Document generation minimizes the pain of finalizing a contract because the integrity of your contract isn’t changed. That eliminates the need to create a new one every time you or someone else makes an edit. For legal, this means less review time. For sales, this means a much faster time to close.
  • QBRs & Account PlansIncorrect or incomplete data means inaccurate reporting, which is frustrating for sales executives. But because document generation requires that only Salesforce or third party data via Salesforce is used to generate quotes, proposals and contracts, you can be assured that the resulting reporting will be accurate and up-to-date.

A Tech Company Shares Its Success Story

Intralinks is a leading global technology provider of beyond-the-firewall collaboration solutions. The company successfully sold its secure data exchange solution but its accounting department struggled with complex contracts, quotes and invoices related to those sales. With more than 1,000 invoicing variations, volume caused major issues.

The company adopted Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation to standardize proposals, sales quotes and contracts. To address pricing issues, each Dynamic Document Package (DDP) contained an Excel file that was used as a calculation engine on the backend. That file included highly complex pricing models that evaluated every proposal and contract to determine if it followed pricing rules or needed further review.

Automating contract pricing reduced invoice versions by 75% and freed up salespeople’s time to from hours managing paper.

“My reps love this solution,” said Charles Fessenden, vice president of sales operations for Intralinks, “and I love the fact that it frees up more of their time to spend with customers rather than filling out paperwork and creating proposals.”


Visit our Nintex Document Generation webpage to learn more about how document generation works, the types of documents you can automate and customize.

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