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Our hottest Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery templates

In January 2020, Nintex officially launched a new gallery of process accelerator templates to help you speed up your journey into process mapping and automation.

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery offers a growing collection of templates, including process maps, botflows™, connectors, and workflows, spanning a wide range of business departments and usage scenarios.

Read on to discover the most downloaded Nintex Process Accelerator Templates, and discover what they can do for your business.

Our top process maps so far

At the time of writing, by far the most popular Nintex Promapp® process map available is our template for new employee onboarding.

The map lays out stages of the process, including the completion of new employee forms, setting up IT equipment and entries in HR systems, and scheduling orientation – all steps taken countless times in all kinds of organizations.

Onboarding is a prime use case for process mapping, document generation and other capabilities Nintex offers. Even lengthy and complex onboarding processes can be mapped out and their repetitive tasks automated, taking the strain off human resource departments and other staff. We’ve provided a full onboarding use case so you can see the possibilities for yourself.

Other favorites in the gallery’s process map section include our change and release management template, which helps IT staff plan and execute changes across all their organization’s systems, and our templates for invoice processing and purchase requests – both essential for finance and legal departments.

Invoice processing is also an area where process management and automation can have a great impact. Accounts personnel can spend large amounts of time dealing with high volumes of invoices, and the task can easily result in fatigue and human error. You can read more in our invoice management use case.

Accelerating RPA adoption

Our botflow™ templates include examples to help you get a handle on robotic process automation. So far, the most popular templates show you how easy it is to gather data from a webpage and populate an Excel workbook or write a log file based on executed information.

You can also find example botflows™ for using IF statements, extracting text from images via OCR, and a host of other vital automation functionality. Our executive dashboard sample is a popular botflow™ template that demonstrates how to generate charts and graphs.

The gallery also features templates to perform specific everyday tasks. Sales and marketing personnel will likely be interested in botflow™ templates for adding accounts, contacts and leads to Salesforce from Excel.

Integrating vital applications

Many businesses are making the most of the new pre-built connectors on offer. Nintex Connectors integrate your business applications within your automated workflows, enabling you to streamline common processes that involve these apps.

Highlights include connectors for formatting Microsoft Azure dates using input from a form or current time/date, posting on LinkedIn using a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow, and starting SharePoint On-Premises workflows.

What’s more, you can now utilize connectors for XE.com currency conversion, Slack, AccuWeather, and Eventbrite.

We can now also offer connectors for enhanced Nintex Workflow Cloud functionality (list workflows, activate/deactivate, export, etc.), interacting with Smartsheets using a Nintex Workflow, and even querying the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions List.

Kickstarting workflow automation

We’re pleased to note that users across the board are finding value in the gallery’s sample workflows.

The most downloaded workflow right now assists with sorting tables of Microsoft SQL data, and there are also workflows for getting recurring events in a SharePoint calendar, converting currency via the XE.com connector, and many other tasks.

Add your suggestions as the gallery grows

We’re looking forward to offering more Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery Templates in the future. We want to show customers how easy it is to make your process management and automation goals a reality.

As well as introducing you to new possibilities, we want to know what you need help with. You can easily submit template ideas to the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery via the Add Suggestion sections in each category.

Don’t hesitate to make a suggestion: great new templates will benefit other users, too. You can even upvote others’ template ideas and comment on functionality you’d like to see included. We value our community of users and everyone has a vital role to play.

We hope you’re as excited about the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery as we are. Keep checking the gallery for new templates as time goes by!



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