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Higher education institution invests in process excellence

In the light of ongoing challenges for organizations across every industry, the need for creative, innovative solutions has never been more critical. As businesses race to keep up with change and the ever-present demand to remain relevant, now is an opportune time for teams to question the status quo.

The business world has officially been disrupted and higher education institutions are no exception. With many colleges and universities confronting the impact of outdated business models and processes, they face the prospect of fundamentally adjusting the way they do business if they are to thrive in the future, as is discussed in this article in University World News.

Building a culture of business continuity and improvement

University of Western Australia recently prioritized business continuity and long-term continuous process improvement across all its faculties and operations by leveraging the visual and easy-to-use process mapping capabilities of Nintex Promapp®.

Nearly 24,000 students are enrolled across three locations in Crawley, Claremont, and Albany as well as in satellite educational facilities in Kalgoorlie. Ranked in the top 100 of universities around the world, based on QS World University Rankings 2020, UWA provides world-class education, research, and community engagement.

The university requires each faculty and operations area to document, understand, and update their processes to support a culture of business continuity and improvement, making the easy, powerful capabilities of Nintex Promapp® the perfect choice.

UWA needed to gain a best practice approach to all end-to-end processes from curriculum planning to timetable and student enrolment while achieving a more standardized approach and managing process variants effectively.

Finding a better way

The University of Western Australia was confident that Nintex Promapp®’s central information repository – where processes and all associated documentation can be maintained and process owners and experts can own updates and improvements – would establish them on their process improvement journey.

“We looked at several solutions but were impressed with Nintex’s ability to give us a whole-of-university approach for end-to-end document processes, as well as accountability and the tactical ability for all staff to easily edit and update processes,” says Emma Bailey, Continuous Improvement Manager, at UWA’s Office of Service Delivery.

Processes and procedures are already being documented in the university’s finance, HR and brand, marketing, and recruitment teams and will roll out across campus management thereafter. The process mapping software is also supporting faculties with distinct requirements such as the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, with service delivery in podiatry, dental clinics, and rural medical placements, where the tool will help refine process hierarchies and associated documentation for the coaching staff.

Process is about people

“Other benefits of using Nintex Promapp® include the ability to easily move process hierarchies from a high-level process to a really detailed instruction,” says Emma Bailey.

“The platform enables you to see links across processes and identify processes marked up for action. This will deliver a high-performance culture that is values-led, collaborative, open, and ultimately supports all our centralized and remote staff.”

The university predicts that long-term benefits from process management will include improved internal and external customer service by being able to provide transparency around specific processes.

“By having processes documented, we will reduce errors, gain efficiencies, and provide a standard service delivery,” adds Emma Bailey.

“Process improvement will enable individuals to take responsibility for the processes they own and encourage them to provide feedback on processes they’re in, leading to greater staff satisfaction. We will create a working environment in which staff are inspired to give their best in process excellence every day and are motivated to be part of UWA’s success.”



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Laetitia Smith

Laetitia Smith is a senior manager on Nintex’s corporate marketing team and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In her global role, she leads and executes PR/AR initiatives and the company’s social media program. She loves collaborating with customers to share their success stories as they manage, automate, and optimize their business with their technology.

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