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Helping Customers Unlock the Business Value of Digital Transformation

We at Nintex, along with our partners and customers, are entering an exciting new era of enablement as we embark on our digital transformation journeys.

We understand that digital transformation is not an end in itself; it is not a destination. Rather, it’s an opportunity to unlock the most innovative technologies to become closer to our respective customers; quicker to respond to opportunities; to compete better; and ultimately to help accelerate growth and margins.

We understand that this requires technologies that are easy to use, intelligent and adaptive, and that put people at the center to facilitate interactions, not just transactions.

Workflows Built in the Cloud, For the Cloud

Here at our Nintex InspireX conference in New Orleans, we are demonstrating how our newest offering, Nintex Workflow Cloud, gives life to this idea of digital transformation.

Nintex Workflow Cloud is a completely cross-platform solution for quickly and easily building powerful automated workflows. It supports all deployment models, whether all-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

The cloud platform connects all of your present applications, systems of record, and content repositories, so you can create workflows that automate and unify processes across your organization.

Nintex Workflow Cloud works together with Nintex Analyticsgive you deep insight into your workflows so you can make smart decisions about how to optimize them.

Enhanced Technologies and New Opportunities

And speaking of Nintex Analytics, we’re pleased to announce that this powerful capability will soon be available across all Nintex platforms, both on-premises and cloud.

Another exciting new capability that we’re introducing this week enables what we call “responsive forms” that automatically, dynamically adjust their layout to display properly on any device, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

It reflects our design philosophy of making our technologies extremely easy to use; among other features, it allows you to drag-and-drop new labels and fields into a form and have them “snap” to the exact spot where you want to place them.

These new responsive form capabilities will roll out later this calendar year for Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Also this week we are announcing Nintex Xtensions®, which allow customers and partners to build custom workflow actions, events and form controls on the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Xtensions® will also serve as a framework on which Nintex developers will build new workflow functionality.

Highlights This Week

As we enhance our own capabilities, we are also extremely mindful of how important our key partners like Microsoft and Salesforce are to our own universe of partners and customers.

We have been extremely pleased to have Jeff Teper of Microsoft and Peter Coffee of Salesforce here with us this week to talk about their own technology visions and how they view their relationship with Nintex. And this week we are highlighting a host of new capabilities across our portfolio for customers and partners in both ecosystems.

We also recognize the importance you place on solutions from companies like Adobe, DocuSign, Dropbox and Box, so we have made a point of extending our partnerships.

Choose Your Own Path to Digital Transformation

As we enable new capabilities, we are always mindful that every company must pursue digital transformation in its own way.

No two companies are the same – each has a unique mission, vision and business model. And each has a particular technology foundation that continues to provide value even as the company looks to embrace powerful new technologies as they emerge.

Nintex understands that, and we respect your uniqueness. It’s why we say that Nintex supports each customer in pursuing digital transformation at its own pace, on its own path. It’s why we make sure that our solutions deliver value that is rapid, incremental, and cumulative.

Above all, it’s why we are so committed to listening to you. We listen, we build, and we deliver the capabilities that enable you to become a truly digital business.

Here’s to a great year!

John Burton

CEO John Burton joined Nintex after working with the company during its expansion planning and significant financing event with TA Associates and Updata Partners in 2013. In his three-decade technology career, John has founded and built high-growth private and public software companies, co-founded a highly successful growth equity fund and a leading M&A advisory firm, and served on several boards of directors. Follow John on Twitter - @NintexJB

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