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Help Sales and Marketing Work Together Effectively

Sales and Marketing. Today, the two teams work closer together than ever.

According to the Inc. article “7 Emerging Trends in Sales That Will Disrupt Your Business,” “62% of the sales cycle typically happens before a Sales rep is involved,” whether that’s through an email campaign, your website or other online content.

Sales depends on Marketing efforts to drive the funnel and for support throughout the sales cycle. If you’re in Marketing, your “in-house customer” is Sales and you support the Sales team with qualified leads, market research, materials and documents to close deals.

The success of both teams depends on open communication, awareness of market needs and easy access to marketing materials.

Contributing to the challenges faced by Sales and Marketing is the growing demands of customers, which are requiring more complex and customized solutions. Between customers’ evolving needs and increased competition, Sales representatives must prove how their company’s products or services add real value to the customer’s organization. Sales must be readily equipped with appropriate content and evidence from Marketing to win new business and grow their existing sales.

However, the two teams don’t always have the same priorities, which can affect the flow of documents passed onto Sales. Utilizing a document generation solution like Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation can help bridge the communication gap and support the Sales team’s content needs.


Why Are Sales and Marketing Sometimes Disjointed?

In a blog post titled What is Marketing and Sales Alignment?, marketing automation software provider Marketo Inc. says that if Sales is from Mars, Marketing is from Venus, which can create friction in two ways.

  • Different Goals: While Marketing is typically focused on long-term projects that build a foundation for strong branding and generating qualified leads, Sales needs to meet monthly or quarterly quotas that move at a faster pace and expects Marketing to provide what’s needed to close the sale today.
  • Misunderstood Roles: Marketing team members sometimes believe they are the only ones thinking strategically while Sales team members may feel like they must generate their own leads. While marketers say leads is a numbers games, Sales disagrees and says it’s about solving business problems. Some Marketing activities can be difficult to measure vs. easier-to-measure Sales outcomes.

Bridging this divide is critical. In a whitepaper, marketing automation provider Act-On states: “According to a 2011 Aberdeen Group study, highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth—while their less aligned competitors saw a 7% decrease in revenue. Yet according to another study from Forrester, just 8% of companies say they have tight alignment between Sales and Marketing.”


How Can Document Generation Help?

What if there were one searchable repository with all the content available for Sales to leverage in the field? A Nintex document generation solution can result in one destination entirely in your CRM with relevant sales support documents. You can merge this data, leaving all other formatting, branding and content completely protected.

A document generation solution means marketers can now be confident that sales will:

  • Have the most up-to-date version of documents, collateral and presentations
  • Be furnished with related case studies and reports that prove value
  • Comply with brand standards both with content and visually
  • Communicate with a consistent voice across the organization
  • Adopt and utilize marketing materials vs. create their own version
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate and reformatted content

And because your marketing automation systems are more than likely integrated with your CRM, any lead sent to Sales can even trigger (via workflow rules) the generation of a document or automatically send one without ever having to push a button.

This helps marketing to:

  • Reduce overhead and resources allocated to document management
  • Allow more time to focus on strategic goals
  • Increase efficiency of the entire organization
  • Create a consistent distribution process to distribute documents to Sales
  • Gain transparency of proposals and activity specific to opportunities in the pipeline

When securing new business, Sales doesn’t have time to wait for marketing to manually customize proposals or gather evidence. Thanks to the internet, the world today is instantaneous, and customers expect the same when they ask for information before making a purchase. Sales needs immediate access to these tools to progress the sales cycle.

No matter the industry or market, business growth depends on the collaboration and alignment between Sales and Marketing. As customers’ needs continue to change, the importance of awareness between Sales and Marketing is imperative to success.


Utilizing a document generation solution like Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation is just one step to take to better enable your Sales team, and streamline your marketing efforts effectively.


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