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Heard from Nintex customers and partners at ProcessFest® 2019

It’s safe to say that October started on a high note for Nintex. We kicked off the month with ProcessFest®, our user training conference, which brought together Nintex product experts, industry analysts and influencers, partners, and customers from around the globe.

For me, given my role focuses on customers and partners, the highlight of an event like this is always getting to reconnect with longtime members of the Nintex community, meet new ones, and learn the amazing things our users are accomplishing with Nintex.

This year we invited Nintex users from both partner and customer organizations to record Nintex testimonials at ProcessFest®. Here are some of the top comments we captured.

Digital transformation is the goal

Our customers across all industries continue to report that digital transformation is one of their top initiatives. Whether they’re going digital because they want to eliminate paper or to improve the experience for their customers, Nintex helps drive their efforts.

“Digital transformation is one of the highest imperatives strategically for our organization because of the transformation that’s happening out there for our customers, but also for our employees. The continual need to improve that experience is really important for us, to ensure that we can maintain a longer relationship with our customers.”
— Nintex RPA customer, banking industry, Florida

“Nintex is really crucial in terms of being able to make documents electronic, getting us out of the paper realm and into the digital realm. Once we get those documents into an electronic form, we’re able to use Nintex Workflow to allow us to increase and enhance business process automation.”
— Nintex Process Platform customer, public sector, California

Nintex makes process automation easy

Nearly every person who recorded a video commented on how easy Nintex is to use – even for users without coding skills.

“We’re not able to staff that many IT developers. And with Nintex Workflow Cloud, you don’t need to write code. You’re able to just drag and drop workflow steps and produce the same thing that you would with a complicated application.”
— Nintex Workflow Cloud customer, construction, Washington

“One of the main reasons why we chose Nintex was that it was easy to implement. It was easy to get going with. Anyone in the business could start to build workflows really quickly.”
— Nintex Process Platform customer, process manufacturing, Colorado

SharePoint success

At Nintex ProcessFest® this year, customers shared how Nintex helps them be a more successful SharePoint user and drive adoption across their organization.

“SharePoint is a solution that has a lot of rough edges, and Nintex has made it so that people love SharePoint more because they can use the forms. The data can flow in, and then people can extract the data from the SharePoint forms. And so, using Nintex has helped the adoption of SharePoint grow.”
— Nintex Process Platform customer, public sector, Colorado

“At my last job, I was introduced to Nintex Workflows. I started building simple workflows as a business user, and I loved it so much that I wanted to transition into that as a full-time career. I took a few classes, and I’m now in IT and a SharePoint analyst.”
— Nintex Process Platform customer, legal, Georgia

Improved process knowledge

Nintex Promapp® is helping customers and partners better understand their organizational processes and help automate them.

“We took a process that was built in Visio initially, that literally was so large we had to print it to take up an entire wall in a conference room. It was difficult to follow. No one really understood what the service provided. We were able to shrink it down to about a ten-box process within Nintex Promapp®. It outlines everything that needs to be done.“
— Nintex Promapp® customer, professional services, Georgia

“Nintex Promapp® is really changing the future of process. It’s helped us to get with customers at the initiation of their process story.”
— Alex Joly, Hub Collab, Nintex Partner, France


We’re working on a video featuring the comments we recorded at ProcessFest®. We’re excited to share it soon.


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