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Harmony for homeowners using SOHO Realty

Looking to buy your first home? You’ve evaluated your finances and carefully studied the market. Now it’s time to make it happen. After you find an agent who understands your needs, you’re only halfway there. As a first-time buyer, you may not know that you don’t simply sign a piece of paper and put the keys in your pocket. The purchase process includes countless forms, documents, and communications with multiple parties, inspectors, appraisers, title companies, and more.

SOHO Realty’s goal is to help its clients, mostly first-time buyers, achieve their goals. SOHO founder and CEO Sharlene Mercier needed a solution to lift the paperwork and documentation burden clients face in this complicated process.

Finding a solution

SOHO Realty uses a transaction management tool for real estate brokers called dotloop. While this was managing their electronic signatures and other document needs, it wasn’t a complete solution. SOHO also needed a system to organize and manage leads from buyers and sellers while ensuring fast follow-up.

Mercier brought in Nintex partner Optimum to create a solution. Optimum built one using Nintex Forms and three Nintex Workflows on Nintex for Office 365 to enhance SOHO’s existing CRM capabilities. The solution digitizes paper forms and automates sales and marketing processes on the Nintex Platform, integrating directly with SOHO’s dotloop tenant.

Leaving paper-based process in the past

Manual and paper-based processes leave a lot of room for error, and also can be slow and cumbersome – costing you precious time in pursuing opportunities as they come up.

While you can’t wave a wand and make all the paperwork disappear, you can simplify and streamline it with automation. This not only puts hours back into your day, it lets you fast-track the humdrum components of buying a home, creating a happier experience for everyone involved – especially the buyer. After recognizing the downsides of paper-based processes, SOHO Realty quickly found a streamlined solution with Nintex.

“By providing a more streamlined experience with Nintex, we’re able to ease the documentation process for our clients. Optimum helped us to develop a digitized solution to our customer experience and documentation requirements that is aligned with the way we do business.”

– Sharlene Mercier, owner and founder of SOHO Reality

Success at SOHO

The solution executed by Nintex Partner Optimum benefits both SOHO and its clients, streamlining the homebuying process from initial inquiry to closing. Benefits include increased visibility into the status of documents and processes, easier task assignment and management capabilities, more time spent helping clients, and the ability to fast-track the sales cycle from lead to closing.


Want to learn how they did it? Read the Case study here.


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