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Happy national eSign day!

There’s plenty to celebrate in the month of June! Whether welcoming the summer solstice or hunting down fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, you likely had something to treasure during this busy month.

We, too, are fairly big fans of June. In addition to all that makes June special, National eSign day rounds out the month on June 30th, giving us the annual opportunity to commemorate eSign history, celebrate strides, and plan for the journey ahead. The holiday was an initiation spearheaded by the Electronic and Signature Records Association (ESRA) as a reminder to the public that eSignatures are a secure, efficient, cost-effective, and convenient method to communicate consent or indicate an agreement between two or more parties. The House of Representatives officially recognized June 30 to be National eSign day in 2010, and we’ve been celebrating ever since.

Celebrating National eSignature Day

Many proponents of the Consumer Protections Act were convinced that providing an electronic method of signing would lead to consumer deception. However, further discussion led detractors to recognize the convenience and empowerment eSignatures lend to small businesses and consumers.

Fast forward to the current day, and you have a plurality of popular businesses and services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and online shopping from your favorite retailer that rely on eSignatures to propel their business. Perhaps it’s not immediately clear how some of these entities utilize what’s commonly thought of as an “eSignature;” however, every time you click “place an order,” or “I agree,” or something similar, you’re partaking in what is defined as an eSigning process.

What is an electronic signature?

The Law defines an electronic signature to be any “electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Fun Fact: this was the original definition coined when the ESIGN Act was passed in 2000. How has the original definition avoided any modification in its existence? The definition was intentionally crafted with technological neutrality, meaning no specific technology, software, or process is associated with an eSignature’s definition. Anyway, when you click on “I agree,” “purchase,” or perhaps “download,” you are engaging in an electronic process that affirms your consent and intention to purchase or engage with the specified product(s) or service(s). Now, that’s what we call an eSignature!

We could go on and on… and on about the many ways eSignature enhances your everyday processes, but we prefer this post to be published before the winter solstice…



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