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The Nintex Connect community recently celebrated two years of providing valuable resources and connection to people who use Nintex.

Happy Anniversary: Highlights from Two Years of Nintex Connect

December 22, 2016

Ask. Find. Share. It’s the slogan of the Nintex Connect community. And as the community celebrates two years as a formal community, Technical Community Manager Frank Field is more determined than ever to make sure the site lives up to that slogan.

“The first year and a half was mostly about getting it up and going and hoping people would find it,” Frank says. “Now we have more than 10,000 active accounts and we’re focused on making it more useful. Whether you’re a total newbie, or a seasoned workflow pro, there’s something here for you.”

If you’ve joined the community, bookmark the site and visit it regularly to stay up on all the resources that community members are adding all the time. If you haven’t joined, join today to see what you’ve been missing.

In 2014, Nintex switched to Jive as the new community platform from a basic community forum to improve our engagement with customers and partners. On Nintex Connect, members can get how-to tips from our technical evangelists, connect with other Nintex users, read customer success stories, flag correct answers, share content via social media, and enjoy improved search capabilities.

Nintex Connect’s 2-year anniversary is the perfect time to take a look at what the community has accomplished. Here are a few highlights from the first two years of the community. We look forward to seeing you on Nintex Connect!



Top customer on the leaderboard

Cassy Freeman isn’t just the top customer on the leaderboard. She’s the top community member on the leaderboard. A SharePoint Solutions Analyst at Babcock International in Cornwall, United Kingdom, Cassy is “whip-smart, helpful and passionate,” Frank says.

“I wake up every day and see her lead on the landing page and marvel at how much time she dedicates to the community,” he says. “She is out there answering questions and sharing her experience with the products. She and I swap emails often, and she’s always got advice and insights to share.”

While it’s “definitely cool to be up there,” the points aren’t as important as knowing she’s helping people, Cassy says. She appreciates that she can post a question on Nintex Connect and get an answer, and enjoys returning the favor by answering other people’s questions.

“I just love being able to help people that are starting out and stuck on their Nintex journey, especially because the community was nowhere near as helpful when I was starting out!” she says.

This year, she’s aimed to answer community members’ questions and document solutions she’s discovered as much as possible. If she’s answering a community member’s question, she does her best to not leave the community until that person is satisfied with the answer.

Her favorite post that she wrote is “Site Workflow – Document Review Date Approaching Reminders” because “it highlights how easy it can be to achieve a generic requirement.”

Her favorite post authored by someone else is Virtual Technical Evangelist Andrew Glasser’s post “Date and Time Format Strings – Quick Reference Guide.”

“This one I always refer to when I am doing anything with Nintex workflows and forms,” Cassy says. “Super handy stuff!”




Top partner on the leaderboard

Besides being the author of Cassy’s favorite post, Andrew happens to be the highest point earner on Nintex Connect among Nintex partners. A SharePoint Team Lead for Intellinet in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew answers people’s questions, advocates for Nintex and even gets on calls with Frank to provide input on how to make the community better for more people, Frank says.

“He was our community champion last year and he’s currently third overall on our points leaderboard,” he says. “He spends a lot of time in the community and he’s one of the most valuable assets there. I love his approach and tone. He’s just a good person in the community.”

Andrew considers the community incredibly valuable and “a great place to make connections.” The fact he’s not topping the leaderboard this year pleases Andrew, who sees it as a sign of the evolution of the community.

“The most exciting thing to see is that the top poster and top points this year isn’t a partner!” Andrew says. “For me, that means the community has matured.”

His favorite post that he wrote is “Date and Time Format Strings – Quick Reference Guide,” the one that Cassy recommends. He wrote this blog because he struggled to remember all of the rules of formatting. Turns out other people needed the same information. Read on for the most viewed blog post.

His favorite posts written by someone else are the Defensive Workflow Design series – Workflow History Lists, SharePoint TopologySeparation of Concerns and Slow Down and Speed Up – from Aaron Labiosa, Solutions Architect at Provoke Solutions. The posts, which cover architecture and basics and best practices, have garnered thousands of views, including 9,031 for the first post alone.

“I am glad that folks are finding the information informative and helpful in designing and troubleshooting their workflows,” Aaron says.



Top Ninster on the leaderboard

Among Nintex employees, Nintex Manager – Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism Dan Stoll tops the leaderboard. Three of his most popular community posts are “Formatting Results to an Email,” “It’s Here…. Nintex Document Generation” and “Web Service call fail and retry.”

Dan is a “great asset” to the Nintex Connect community, Frank says, taking time to dive in and respond to questions and writing posts that earn a lot of likes from other community members.

“Who doesn’t love Dan?” Frank asks. “He writes humorous blog posts. He’s always happy to stop and talk about Nintex products. He answers a lot of questions. What’s not to like?”

Nintex Technical Evangelist Sean Fiene says Dan does a great job championing products like Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio “to really help our customers and partner succeed.”

“He is a wealth of knowledge,” Sean says. “Luckily for me, I’m able to get it from the source as I sit right next to him.”



Most viewed document

The most popular post in the community is “Getting Started with Nintex Workflow,” which has 65,571 views as of Dec. 22. Frank’s predecessor – Emily Billing – posted it when the community started.

“I think a lot of customers find that via web search, and use it to get the basics of how to do things,” Frank says.



Most viewed question

On Oct. 14, 2014, community member Cheryl Doke asked “How do you add an attachment link to an approval task form?” Within a couple days, she figured out the answer, guided by suggestions from other community members. The question has had 19,910 views.



Most viewed blog post

At 17,123 views, Andrew post “Date and Time Format Strings – Quick Reference Guide” is the most viewed blog post.


Happy Anniversary to the Nintex Connect community! Join today, bookmark and get involved in the community.

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