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How to Guarantee People Digitally Sign Documents

If your customers and clients fail to sign documents, deals can become delayed, stakeholders become frustrated, and contracts can even fall through. In today’s hyper-paced business landscape, these kinds of hiccups can have a seriously disruptive effect on your entire organization.

One of the great forward steps of the last few years in business process acceleration has been the emergence of digital and electronic signatures. Digital signatures allow customers and clients to digitally sign documents instantly, giving your dealmakers more flexibility and a real boost in productivity in getting deals done.

Before the emergence of the digital signature, the process was a lot more drawn out, involving email, printing, signing by hand and scanning. When the technology supporting digital signatures emerged, suddenly those steps involving printing and scanning were done away with. The benefits of digitally signing documents include:

  • Reduced time to sign

    The quicker the signature the better it is for the sales cycle, providing your team with more control over schedules and plans.

  • Boost in efficiency

    Email, printing, and scanning all add extra steps to a deal that, when reduced to a couple of clicks, can be done in minutes rather than hours or even days.

  • Admin liberation

    Previously the signed and returned document had to be printed and physically filed. If everything is done digitally, there is an automatic reduction in filing and storage costs and space.

  • More convenient logistics

    Digital signatures also mean your documents can be signed remotely, from any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Digital signatures are very useful for any business. Examples include:

  • Consider you’re opening a new call center and need to hire a high volume of staff quickly. The ability to send contracts all at once and receive them back the same day inevitably speeds up the whole process.
  • In the world of supply chain management, your customer orders can be approved and shipped allowing you to slash the time it takes to deliver.
  • Your sales team can use digital signatures to close deals much faster, making targets easier to reach and exceed.

The Ability to Digitally Sign Documents is Great – in Theory

The theory behind digital signatures is that it reduces the manual input involved in having to email, print, sign, scan, etc., as part of the normal contract or document signing process.  But just because you have the technology to implement digital signatures, doesn’t mean that your business will automatically reap these rewards.

If your sales team forgets to send documents or your manufacturing department miss an order through human error or, similarly, if your customers or clients don’t sign the documents and return them in a timely fashion, digital signature technology is no more efficient than getting people to sign on paper. It’s important to remember that technology is only powerful when the people who are operating it use it correctly.

To help your employees and customers make the most of the technology available, you need to reduce manual processes that can impede them.

This is where workflow automation comes in.

Adding digital document signing to a workflow and automating it will reduce the manual input of document signing even further, ensuring that your contracts and other important documents get signed off efficiently. This then allows your business to benefit fully from the speed, agility and efficiency promised.

Reduce Manual Input and Speed up Approvals

Integrating the ability to digitally sign documents into your Nintex automated workflow solutions such as Nintex Forms, transforms the capability of your workflows, making them more sophisticated. Picture when it comes to the part of a workflow process where a signature is required, your users will no longer have to exit the workflow and collect the signature, it will just be part of the same workflow.

For example, during a typical order of sale, your customer will be automatically sent a request to sign a document, along with the document and the ability to simply click on ‘sign and return’ without having to leave their web browser or email client. If they don’t complete the task, they will be reminded on a regular basis until it is signed.

It’s never been easier to integrate electronic and digital signatures in your automated workflows with the Nintex Connector for DocuSign. This connector enables your organization to configure the digital signing technology into Nintex Workflow for SharePoint or Office 365 by using the simple drag-and-drop actions that are ready and waiting to be deployed, all without the need for coding. So, really, you have no excuse!


To learn more about how electronic signatures and Nintex Forms can help your organization improve customer experience, contact us today for a free trial.

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