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Greasing the wheels of bank mergers and acquisitions

Banks and credit unions must seize the opportunity for growth, and the current environment of economic optimism – borne of increased stock values and anticipated deregulation – places an even bigger focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Mergers and acquisition deals don’t just fall into your lap. That’s where preparation comes into play. According to Norton Rose Fulbright US, financial institutions must follow an M&A checklist, which includes:

  • Conducting due diligence
  • Structuring a transaction
  • Mapping out integration
  • Ensuring technology scalability


Bank Director recently touched on this subject, highlighting what banks can do to be ready for acquisitions. Technology, compliance, and capital are the primary stand-outs to ensure your bank is ready for an M&A.

Technology scalability is essential in banking data operations, whether it’s a simple, everyday data-entry task; a situation where a loan officer departs an organization and accounts must be reassigned; loan onboarding; or during the critical M&A integration process. It is imperative that your bank reviews its existing technology infrastructure and assess the ability to implement and mitigate costs. Often a purchasing institution will encounter prohibitive vendor fees when attempting to convert or migrate a target bank’s data over to the buyer’s core system.

A key element of M&A readiness is cybersecurity. As a bank or credit union grows, it should always reassess its security measures and concerns. Web data extraction software enables data security during a migration because all core conversion activities are performed in the client’s secure domain rather than the service provider’s environment. Therefore, an institution isn’t putting its critical data at risk.

To ensure your bank or credit union is M&A ready, consider how web automation software can help you check off the items on your list. For starters, using automation software brings many advantages to the M&A process, such as:

  • Speed: eliminates the long wait time involved with scheduling a huge project with a bank’s core vendor
  • Quality: reduces user human error by automating the manual file transfer process
  • Cost: eliminates the need for a vendor’s de-conversion file, which cost one bank $890,000

Data automation software capability ranges from the simplest data entry task to a massive migration of data during a merger or acquisition. There’s a reason why Gartner, Inc., estimates that there are 2,000 to 2,500 companies using the low risk, low cost and highly agile tool. When the stakes are high and the financial bases are loaded, you want your most efficient hitter at the plate. Implementing automation software delivers speed, accuracy, and economy so your bank or credit union is always ready for the critical data tasks like M&As.



For more information, read our case study and learn how Institution for Savings maximized productivity and saved time formatting data after their core conversion with web automation software.



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