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Forever grateful for my teammates, Nintex customers and partners

Lately, I’ve been turning to TED Radio Hour podcasts to keep me entertained on my everyday runs. Each episode is focused around one topic and feature interviews and segments of TED Talks with a couple of speakers. The episodes are always interesting – and often inspiring.

A few weeks back I listened to the January 17, 2019 episode “Approaching with Kindness” which featured an author, a former baseball player, a doctor, a management professor, and a Danish Politician. Each speaker’s segment was very different, but they shared a common theme: the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation.

I started my run that day in need of a break – from work, from COVID-19 and even from my puppy named Ed. At the end of this run, I gained a newfound sense of appreciation and gratitude for many people in my life — especially those that help me do great work and keep me passionate about my job and marketing in general.

To Nintex customers

The best part of my job has always been working with our customers. I absolutely love learning the amazing ways organizations are leveraging Nintex software to transform the way people work and helping them share their success stories with others. A lot of Nintex customers have worked with me to have their success story presented at an event, captured in a case study, or even showcased in a video.

I’d like to think that I do the heavy lift on these efforts, but I know it requires significant time and work outside of their job responsibilities for our customers. I’m incredibly grateful for all the time they’ve invested in seeing these efforts through.

Even now, during a global crisis, Nintex customers have continued to find time to share their success stories with me – especially those related to how they’re responding to COVID-19 with Nintex. The National Gallery Singapore was one of the first customers to share a case study related to their COVID-19 use case, and over the last 2 months, other organizations around the globe have come forward to share their stories because it might be useful to another organization during this time.

How wonderful is it that I get to work with customers that want to share their success story because they think it’d be beneficial to other organizations facing the same challenges?

To our partners

Our partners and channel program has always played a critical role in our success. Over the years, Nintex partners have provided valuable services to Nintex customers, allowing us to focus on improving and expanding our platform capabilities.

They’ve also helped me be successful in my PR and marketing role of managing our customer evidence program at Nintex. Over the last year, we’ve produced customer showcase videos, Nintex ProcessFest® sessions, and case studies thanks to the work of our partners. At the end of 2019, HubCollab worked with us to capture customer showcase video on SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. Antares played a critical role in State Library of NSW’s successful Nintex Workflow Cloud implementation. And recently, Pacific BPA has helped numerous Nintex customers respond quickly to business changes due to COVID-19.

Now more than ever our customers count on Nintex Partners to help them successfully navigate change and digitally transform with Nintex. I’m thankful for all the work that our partners have done, are doing with will do for Nintex customers.

To my colleagues in customer success and sales

I wouldn’t have any customer success stories to share if it wasn’t for the work of our sales and customer success teams who ensure those who buy our software tools for process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, DocGen® and eSign, and RPA are successful from day one.

Two years ago, when the focus of my job became on customer evidence, I used to reach out to our account management team regularly looking for introductions to customers and new success stories. Today, our account managers come directly to me with new case study opportunities or to tell me about process automation power users whom I should get to know.

I’m also very excited that soon – in June 2020 – we will be announcing the finalists and winners in our 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards. Some of the best nominations for this year’s awards came from account managers encouraging their customers to submit.

Additionally, over the last two months, our customer success teams have taken on significant work to assist our customers through this challenging time. They’ve provided coaching sessions, free training, and even built new process templates for customers needing to quickly adapt new business continuity requirements.

I’m grateful for all that our customer success and sales teams do to help Nintex customers (and me) succeed.

To my teammates

I consider myself very lucky to be a part of our corporate marketing team at Nintex. My team is responsible for the global reputation of Nintex which includes our brand and design, marketing communications and PR program, corporate events, website, and more.

We work hard together, and we succeed together. But the best part about being on the corporate marketing team at Nintex is the support that comes with it every day.

Whether it’s offering advice, finding solutions to problems, taking on a new project, lending a helping hand to others, or simply providing positive words of encouragement or editing this blog post – we are here for each other and the global Nintex community. I’m so thankful and proud to be a member of this team.

No matter how “uncertain” this time might be, I’m forever grateful for the Nintex community – our customers, partners, and of course – my teammates.



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