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Grand Union Housing Group adopts Nintex Promapp® to improve customer services

Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) has been providing affordable community-focused housing in the United Kingdom since 1994. They are passionate about building more homes, stronger communities, and better lives.

Last year GUHG embarked on a transformation program involving a two-phase project that began with the unification of their three housing associations into one single office in Milton Keynes, England. Their goal was to retain customers at the heart of their business while investing in technology.

Phase two focused on improving mobile services and flexible working, with a long-term goal of constantly transforming the way services are offered to their customers.

Embracing the need for digital, financial, and business breakthroughs, GUHG is a future-focused organization. “The market and world we work in demands fresh thinking and tough choices about how we build more homes and support households and communities together,” says Sue Rice, IT Business Transformation Manager at GUHG.

The need for a new way of managing business processes

Transformation at GUHG began when they started addressing pain points related to how they managed their processes.

“We have traditionally used Visio to document our processes, but we found it cumbersome, difficult for non-technical staff to understand, and time-consuming to maintain,” adds Rice. “We also wanted to ensure teams had the information they needed in order to follow a process, especially those that involved several departments or were regularly changed.”

Process management leads GUHG’s transformation initiative

GUHG have found it easier to eliminate complexity with Nintex Promapp®, as it enables them to map all their processes in a visible, easy-to-understand format, and stores one version of the processes in a central location.

“Nintex Promapp® involves our teams in transforming our processes, gives them easy access and allows them to own their processes to a much higher degree than ever before,” says Rice. “As we continue to transform our business, we’ll use Nintex Promapp® to help us on our journey.”

Nintex Promapp® also opens doors for GUHG by expanding their abilities through process management. Some aspects of the process mapping software that ensured GUHG’s smooth transition from Visio include the improved speed of mapping and capturing processes, stronger communication between those teams engaged in the same process, and a detailed framework for process approval.

As Grand Union Housing Group continues to digitalize their business, they plan to offer a consistent approach to their customers by introducing a first-class range of digital services which are available 24/7.

“More efficient services will benefit our customers, so they can contact us in a way that is most convenient for them, and help us to invest in new services and homes for the community,” concludes Rice.


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Laetitia Smith

Laetitia Smith is a senior manager on Nintex’s corporate marketing team and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In her global role, she leads and executes PR/AR initiatives and the company’s social media program. She loves collaborating with customers to share their success stories as they manage, automate, and optimize their business with their technology.

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