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Local government prioritizes processes amidst accelerating growth

Rapid growth, coupled with competing roles and responsibilities, frequently see organizations looking for innovative ways to digitally manage business complexity. And Liverpool City Council – one of the largest local government areas in metropolitan Sydney, Australia – is no exception.

Read the case study about how Liverpool City Council streamlines and documents internal processes with Nintex, here: https://www.nintex.com/case-study/liverpool-city-council/

A suburb in the center of South West Sydney in Australia, Liverpool is the administrative seat of the local government area of the City of Liverpool, with a fast-growing multicultural population.

As a result of the city’s ongoing growth and development, the requirement for Liverpool City Council support has increased, extending from roads, traffic and parking to animal shelters, and ranging from bus hire to online services.

In addition, the council supports the city’s quest to achieve economic development – like preparing for significant new developments linked to the new Western Sydney International Airport – and embracing innovation to create an 18-hour city.

Process excellence supports business success

In keeping with the New South Wales government’s directive to city councils to simplify their operations, and needing a way to improve its internal processes to better support exponential growth, Liverpool City Council embarked on a journey to review their business processes and find the most efficient way to capture them.

Since humans are inextricably linked to processes, there are a few key requirements to bear in mind when managing business processes effectively:

  • Hand over the reins: Give the responsibility for capturing and updating processes to the people who execute them
  • Provide a single source of truth: Make the captured procedures – along with supporting documentation, videos and web links – accessible in a centralized, online location
  • Give people a say: Encourage teams to give real-time feedback on the mapped process, and allow them to suggest improvements

Involve your people for best results

Liverpool City Council decided to implement Nintex Promapp®, the process management platform that teams love to use. To facilitate a smooth transition and quickly get employees using the software, a cross-functional improvement team was established to guide and assist teams.

The council aimed to identify which procedures involved the most risk for the business and to mitigate those by ensuring the processes were managed appropriately.

Liverpool City Council identified more than 560 critical processes across the organization. Although the council is only 18 months into its goal to document all processes, 320 procedures have already been fully reviewed and captured in Nintex Promapp®, to achieve quality management certification within three years.

Process improvement, the gift that keeps on giving

With continuous improvement on their agenda, Liverpool City Council is pleased with their progress since the implementation of Nintex Promapp®. By simplifying complex procedures and eradicating ineffective or incomplete processes, far-reaching benefits now include a reduction in costs incurred by business errors and downtime.

Since the realization of efficiency improvements, teams can now make better use of their time and resources. Audit capabilities are also greatly improved, with a full risk register to guide planning and future strategic decision making.

Nintex Promapp® continues to be a significant player in the council’s process excellence journey. As the trajectory for growth and development continues across the region, the prioritization of process improvement and efficiency will provide a solid foundation for the local government team who are passionate about sharing all there is to love about Liverpool.



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