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Accelerating results: The GM Financial secret to workflow automation in the millions

In October 2019 we hosted over 250 customers and partners at our conference, Nintex ProcessFest®, to explore the cutting-edge applications that are innovating every industry’s processes. One of the partners we caught up with was GM Financial.

GM Financial is the finance subsidiary of General Motors. A global provider of auto finance solutions, GM Financial provides loan financing through auto dealers across the U.S. and Canada. They explained the organization’s process automation story, and how other businesses can learn from their success.

Easing growing pains with SharePoint and Nintex

At the beginning of their digital transformation journey, GM Financial had a server farm on SharePoint 2010, with about four servers and only one web application. This limited their digital capabilities, forcing them to create workarounds or rely on processes that were not fit-for-purpose to get their work done. After their migration to SharePoint 2013, they were able to expand from one web application to 13.

While this was a welcome change, it meant the business had more content databases to manage.

After this migration, GM Financial’s four SharePoint farms contained an estimated 32 terabytes of data and 26 million documents, managed by a range of different technologies. There were many different types of data reporting used to track internal workflows. This included which workflows were currently running, which users published new workflows, and much more.

Developing workflow management practices was a big task, but once GM Financial partnered with Nintex, the path became clearer. Better visibility would allow employees to oversee workflows, helping them to prevent issues from arising without giving them additional manual tasks.

SharePoint process automation has been enormously successful. Since GM Financial began working with Nintex:

  • 5,873 workflows have been published
  • Over 10 million workflows used since 2018
  • Those 10 million workflows completed almost half a billion tasks in the first half of 2019 alone
  • In 2019, 1027 workflows were published
  • Over 50 internal projects have completed in 2019

GM Financial’s workflow best practices

The way to discover best practices is through a combination of observation and trialing. GM Financial was prepared to experiment with best practices for their workflow conventions in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

Here are some of their key takeaways:

  • Naming conventions are essential. Adhering to the conventions allows users to easily identify where a workflow is located within the SharePoint farms, different web applications, sites, and subsites.
  • Know your workflow actions. Streamlining workflows means cutting down on unnecessary or repetitive actions. Nintex helped GM Financial to implement a maximum of 99 actions in any workflow before flagging potentially avoidable inefficiency.
  • Automate error handling. If improperly handled, workflow errors cause bottlenecks and delays that have to be manually resolved. Using automation, workflows can be built to intelligently self-resolve or flag an employee as soon as possible.

GM Financial and Nintex Forms: Creating a stronger workplace

As a highly customer-centric business, GM Financial wanted a way to invest in better processes for both their customers and employees. Automating every possible internal and external process would mean faster, better outcomes for the organization.

Innovative ideas

One of the many improvements brought to life by the Nintex Platform is the Innovation Station Idea Book, which was built using a Nintex form in order to make new ideas more visible. The digital form allows employees to submit their ideas for review by a special committee. If an idea is chosen, the employee can easily be recognized, rewarded, and have their idea put into action. This dynamic form allows many more voices to be heard within the organization, ensuring that the people who know the business best can help make it better.

Tailored quality control

Another of GM Financial’s uses of Nintex Forms is compliance call monitoring. The call monitoring department is responsible for reviewing customer calls for both security and quality control. Using the Nintex Platform, GM Financial has implemented a unique feedback form that employees can use to log their reviews.

Each customer has an individual form tailored for their profile, meaning that the right information is always captured. A simple template allows quick and effective data input, with the data automatically escalated to a relevant authority as needed.

Enabling automation success with the Nintex platform

In a highly competitive space, GM Financial’s digital transformation was the key that enabled them to deliver the highest quality service to their customers.

The Nintex Platform makes workflow management, automation, and optimization simple and streamlined. We offer multiple applications, including:


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