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Giving Thanks for Process Mapping and our Nintex Promapp® Colleagues

As our US offices finish this week early to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to celebrate what we’re most thankful for this year – the addition of Promapp® to Nintex.

Process Mapping + Nintex Platform

Prior to joining Nintex, Promapp® was already the leading business process management software company by helping more than 500 public and private sector organizations worldwide successfully map and manage their processes. The addition of Promapp® to Nintex helps customers and partners to not only visually map and manage business processes, but also identify processes appropriate for automation, and then easily automate them with the Nintex Platform.

With Nintex Promapp®, every participant in a process can easily understand and contribute to the process.  While Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms make it easy for IT and ops professionals to transform manual, paper-based processes into automated workflows which can be further optimized with process analytics and intelligence from Nintex Analytics.

The combined capabilities of Nintex and Promapp® empowers organizations around the globe to achieve process excellence across their organization.

Continued Industry Excitement

Promapp® officially joined forces with Nintex in late July which was quickly met with excitement from industry analysts, partners and customers, including some already using both Nintex and Promapp®.

“We use Nintex Promapp® to visualize and manage our processes,” said Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) Business Transformation Team Lead Anthony Gouder. “This technology makes it easy to document every process and provides a framework for standardization and governance. It also helps us clearly identify which steps within a process are prime for automation with Nintex.”

To date, HBRC has automated more than 500 workflows with the Nintex Platform and uses Nintex Analytics, Nintex’s solution for process intelligence, to optimize processes across the organization.”

Less than three months after the acquisition, Nintex also received a 2018 Golden Bridge Award for Business Process Management Innovation. Nintex was recognized for the business impact of Nintex’s workflow automation, document automation and digital forms capabilities combined with the visual process mapping solution of Nintex Promapp®.

Thanksgiving by Nintex Promapp®

Nintex Promapp® creates tremendous opportunities for companies to visually map and better manage every business process. It also creates a tremendous opportunity to map and manage the process of preparing your holiday bird.

Our process mapping experts and colleagues visually mapped and documented three ways to cook a turkey with Nintex Promapp®. Like any business process mapped and managed in Nintex Promapp®, you can view each step in a visual map, or as a listed procedure. Whether you choose to BBQ, deep fry, or bake your turkey in the oven, every step in the process has been captured here.

Since we’ve welcomed our colleagues from Promapp® to Nintex, we continue to be amazed by their enthusiasm in helping organizations achieve process excellence and their excitement about Nintex capabilities for digital process automation.

Thank you to our Nintex Promapp® colleagues for your enthusiasm, expertise and all you do to help our customers and partners drive process excellence.


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