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Give Your VIP the Star Treatment with Help from the Automation Experts

It doesn’t take automation experts to know that almost any organization is run on multiple processes of complexity.

Internally and externally, your business relies on the interaction of your employees with each other, with current and potential customers and with multiple tech platforms and solutions. There’s a process for pretty much anything of note that happens in your organization.

Some, however, are more important than others.

Today is the first article in our special Very Important Process (VIP) series—where we look at specific VIPs in several business departments, the intricacies of these important processes and how Nintex can help you make such a process more efficient with the power of cutting-edge workflow automation technology.

Making the Mundane Work Wonders

Have you ever been given the responsibility of booking a meeting room to discuss the monthly sales figures?

An internal process like this involves several small steps that often rely on action from others.

For example:

You need to go to the person who handles booking rooms, book the room, send out the meeting invites, chase those who haven’t replied, and on and on.

Or maybe you have a weekly cold-calling target you need to meet?

This involves both internal information as well as relying on external action: Compiling a list from your company’s database, lining up the calls, relying on a contact to pick up the phone, checking them off the list and recording the success or failure and important details of each conversation.

You can think of many, many more repeat processes that happen daily in any organization.

But as workflow and content automation experts, we know the benefits of using automated workflows to make a lot of these processes more fluid and efficient so that you can focus your energy on work of the highest value.

We also know that there are some processes in your organization that are more important to certain employees than others.

Our previous examples are daily or weekly processes that need to be done, but if you don’t book the meeting room and you need to push the sales meeting to next week, or your cold-calling list isn’t completed by your imposed deadline, the organization isn’t going to collapse. That’s because while these processes are the foundation your business is built on, they wouldn’t be considered VIPs.

So, let’s look at the other end of the spectrum.

What’s the worst that could happen from mistakes in repeat processes?

Human error can skew your opinion on the productivity of a process, as it’s difficult to understand whether bottlenecks are process- or human-related. But more than just preventing optimal working, human error can cause severe consequences.

Think about your company’s audit trail.

Tracking the onboarding process, for example; what happens if a new hire doesn’t get a safety brief and then gets injured? That will lead to serious implications to your organization’s finances and reputation.

What Makes a VIP?

very important process-Nintex

Let’s look at some examples of what we mean by a VIP.

Press Release Approvals

For your public relations team, a key VIP is undoubtedly the press release approval.

Press releases are an essential aspect of promoting a business and, depending on the context, can be very significant to your organization’s reputation. The issue around a press release approval process is the amount of internal review and approval needed before this source of content may be published.

How Nintex can help:

Building a drag-and-drop workflow approval process with Nintex Workflow Cloud is easy and can expedite a lot of the back and forth between stakeholders.

It also can make the approval process much more streamlined. No more forgotten subtasks or waiting for execs to get back to you.

Discount Sales Approval

A very normal part of the sales process in most industries is the offer of a discount, especially if you are trying to win a first-time customer. However, to give a lot of these discounts, a salesperson will need approval from a manager, who might even need approval from their director.

Then there’s the fact that different sales transactions often require different discount percentages, and it’s likely there will be several other salespeople looking for approval on the same day.

How Nintex can help:

Build an intuitive and easy to design workflow with Nintex Workflow Cloud, enabling sophisticated workflows that can deal with multiple nuances of the sales approval process.

You can even incorporate third party CRM tools like Salesforce, if needed.

Onboarding a New Hire

One of the major tasks of HR departments is the onboarding process for new hires.

There is just so much to think about. You need to liaise with several other departments or arms of the organization and rely on them for the onboarding process to be successful.

Mistakes are made, delays are costly, and the process can be left uncompleted which may have very negative effects further down the line.

How Nintex can help:

Using the Nintex Workflow Cloud, build sophisticated HR workflow processes that takes in all the various stakeholders so everybody knows exactly what they must do (and by when).

Advice from Automation Experts

In our ongoing VIP series, we will look more closely at these above examples, the pain points that come around time and again and how the right automation technology will enable you to quickly and easily build workflows to take care of them.

Give your VIP the star treatment with the process automation experts at Nintex!

The next VIP article in the series we will focus on Press Release Approvals and how workflow and content automation can save you a lot of time and effort in making sure this VIP goes off without a hitch.


Interested in discovering how Nintex could help your organization with any of its processes, VIP or otherwise? Contact us today.


Dan Stoll

Dan Stoll has been working in IT for over two decades and currently serves as director of technical marketing at Nintex, the world’s leader in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). He has spent the last 13 years of his career helping organizations turn manual processes into well-run automated ones. Originally from Australia, Stoll relocated to the United States in 2015 after working as the first Nintex Technical Evangelist for the company’s APAC and EMEA regions. Follow Dan on Twitter: @_danstoll and LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/stolldan

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