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Get a helping hand to migrate your workflows and forms

In my previous blog post, I discussed the coaching program Nintex offers to our customers. In this post, I want to provide a little more detail around content that supports one of the coaching program variants – specifically the sessions focused on migrations or upgrading.

Whether you are moving your workflows and forms from one instance of Nintex for SharePoint on-premises to another or making the jump from SharePoint on-prem to the cloud, you are going to be faced with opportunities.

You have the ability to not only transition your SharePoint content but also improve your business processes and the applications you have developed using Nintex Workflows and Nintex Forms.

All moments of change present a number of choices, and these scenarios are no different. Do you spend time re-working and optimizing a business process before making a shift? Do you retire old content that is no longer used, or do you bring everything over wholesale?

To help customers that are working through these considerations, we wrote a whitepaper designed to guide teams through decision points and formulate a strategic approach to migrating or upgrading Nintex Workflows.

Migrating with a reliable coaching program

Our cloud migration whitepaper, and the additional resources located on the Nintex Community’s migration-center, act as a support structure for our new Migration Coaching Program. As a variant of our overall coaching program, the Migration Coaching Program provides customers with a free coaching call aimed at proactive support for all customers who are at the initial planning stages, or partway through a migration of their Nintex content.

Prior to launching this coaching program, we handled issues related to migrations reactively as they came up through our support organization. Now with the new program in place, we have a set of highly qualified support engineers providing up-front guidance to help our customers before any of the potential issues that we’ve seen over the last few years arise.

Here are a few insights we have learned:

  1. Many customers assume they can simply transition workflows and forms from on-premises environments to the cloud without any type of refactoring. This is not the case. With more guidance on the migration process and how workflows might need to be updated in the cloud, customers can spend less time trying to troubleshoot old workflows and more time focused on solving new business problems.
  2. To provide our customers with more self-help resources, we have developed several new assets specifically aimed at helping with the journey to the cloud:
  1. Customers who are not familiar with the migration process were struggling with on-prem to on-prem migrations. To aid these customers, we now deliver step-by-step guidance tailored to customer needs and objectives. Our coaches ensure that the customers are aware of possible challenges and how long specific tasks might take to complete.

Taking advantage of our Migration Coaching Program

We have received some incredible feedback from customers who have already taken advantage of the new coaching programs.

One customer was new to the Nintex Platform and felt the proactive session was invaluable. Their session gave them a high-level overview of the migration process and pointed them to supporting documentation to assist them in building a plan for success.

Another customer asked about migrating workflow schedules, as the underlying configuration database in their environment was not also being migrated. While this presented a more complex requirement, the coaching team was able to provide a plausible method as well as a “safer” alternative. In the end, the customer was very pleased to have both options to work with.

Finally, one customer wanted to use multiple migration methods that would have been potentially redundant and resulted in a lot of complicated work. One of our coaches presented a quick demo of the differences between the two approaches, noting that one was more thorough while the other might require less work. With more perspective on the alternatives, the customer was able to make a more data-driven decision and move forward with their project.

A migration project is almost always going to be filled with complexities due to the varying needs of the business. It is for this very reason that we have formed our migration coaching team here at Nintex and filled it with skilled team members around the globe. Each successful engagement allows us to improve our self-help resources, which can then be shared back with our customers to make the Nintex community even more successful.

If you are staring down the path of a migration project with Nintex, I highly recommend you give this program a try.




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Josh Waldo

Nintex CCO, Josh Waldo, has 20-plus years of experience leading teams across customer success, customer support, product marketing, field marketing and partner marketing & programs at leading organizations that include Nintex, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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