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The future of Nintex Forms

When you’re designing a digital form, you want it to be just right — fast and easy to use, with a pleasing and intuitive layout, something that helps drives results. When you’re using a form, you don’t want the annoyance of endless fields, extra steps, long scrolls down endless pages.

Whichever side you’re on — designer or form-filler — we have some great news. Nintex’s latest forms designer is now available. Offering streamlined design, advanced functions, additional formulas, more pages, greater data control, simpler signature collection, and enhanced geolocation, our responsive forms solution will simplify data collection, end to end.

Introducing new responsive forms at ProcessFest® 2019

At Nintex ProcessFest® 2019, our Senior Product Manager, Euan Gamble, discussed the future of forms and demonstrated the functionality of the Nintex Responsive Forms Designer.

In this blog, we’ll cover the highlights from his talk — so that you understand how our next-generation Forms will benefit your business processes.

A new solution built with the future in mind

Nintex Responsive Forms Designers have evolved steadily over time. From Classic Forms to Responsive Forms and now New Responsive Forms, we are constantly adapting and improving our offerings. Our latest form designer is built on a completely new engine with three key goals in mind:

  • Performance — fast for designers and form-fillers alike, making forms quicker to build and easier to use.
  • Functionality — includes everything users need to get their job done on any platform.
  • Power — capable of building and unlocking complex scenarios.

“We are building complex software to solve complex problems.”

– Euan Gamble, Nintex Senior Product Manager

Our process

To ensure our desired levels of performance, power, and functionality, a simple update of our old model wasn’t going to cut it. We knew that to evolve the solution to match our vision of the future, significant upgrades were required.

We wanted our new software to be as fast as possible, which meant overhauling our codebase and building a brand-new engine. To harness the power of the cloud, we have increased the software’s performance so that it can achieve better outcomes for our customers. We now use a single code base across SharePoint, Office 365, and Mobile — meaning users all have the same experience and don’t need to be trained on multiple variants. A single codebase makes it easy to migrate between platforms and allows for faster innovation all around. Faster, functional, and more powerful than ever.

Existing forms will still be available

We know that change can be disruptive. So customers can keep using the existing interface even as the New Responsive Forms Designer is rolled out. We’ll offer an in-product migration to the new designer soon. When this is ready, we’ll provide full details of the changes taking place. And we’ll provide in-product rollback, so users will be able to roll forward or back depending on their specific needs.

Why should you move to Responsive Forms?

There are many reasons to adopt the New Responsive Forms Designer:

  • Improved controls — We’ve included Text Masks in our latest forms designer, which makes it much easier to capture customers’ membership numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and other sets of numbers of a specific length and format. This level of control over user input improves the accuracy of the data you collect, saving time for all involved.
  • Enhanced geolocation — This control lets you perform useful actions like confirming delivery or customer location. You can connect to Google Maps to easily include precise, accurate location data in your form.
  • Signature control in web and mobile — With the new forms designer, it’s simple to drag-and-drop e-signature functionality into a form. E-signature is a powerful way to automate the “last mile” of many forms-related processes, such as expense approvals.
  • Streamlined design — We’ve improved the drag-and-drop interface so you can take your forms from conception to deployment as quickly as possible.

The future of Nintex Forms is bright

We are excited to bring you our New Responsive Forms Designer. We listened to your feedback and now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud can design forms using the same user-friendly, flexible, and powerful designer — on a completely new engine.

Built from the ground up and focused on performance, flexibility, and usability, the new designer is a great addition to Nintex Forms. We think you’ll love it!


To find out more about how the New Responsive Forms Designer can benefit your business, get in contact with the Nintex team today.


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