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From Apps to Automation, Meet Next-Gen Development Platforms

Many industries are facing upheaval and disruption, and enterprises within them may fail unless they consistently reevaluate how they conduct business.

The need to quickly adapt to customer expectations and the actions of rivals demands an ongoing transformative approach that automates the delivery of customer value and crafts new and unique competitive advantages over rivals.

451 Research believes that among the core technologies needed to achieve this goal are next-generation application development and deployment models that we call digital automation platforms (DAPs).

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DAPs improve upon earlier development environments because they are equipped with simplified design tooling, integral collaboration capabilities, rapid deployment technology, and low-code or no-code application development techniques that ‘compose’ rather than ‘code’ logic.

451 Research

They can also make applications ‘smarter’ using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that learn from process execution to improve automation of tasks and decisions, and extract insight from data payloads.

DAPs will also integrate with, be supported by and ultimately include robotic process automation (RPA) technology. RPA crafts software robots (bots) that automate repetitive tasks (e.g., human data entry) that may have been impractical to automate within packaged business applications or by using traditional application development or business process management tools.

The overall benefit of DAPs is speed.

They can potentially shave 50-90% off development time compared with coding. They also operate as runtime engines, making them simplified DevOps environments.

We believe low-code/no-code DAPs will craft nearly half of all applications developed in the coming years because they take less time to prototype, test and deploy to production.

They are also adaptive, and can rapidly enable intelligent process automation when using ML and AI technology or services.


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Carl Lehmann

Carl Lehmann is Principal Analyst of Architecture, Integration & Process Automation at 451 Research. He specializes in managing complexity and change with expertise in strategic planning, hybrid IT architecture, integration and processes management. Follow Carl on Twitter @CarlLehmann1.

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