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Four reasons to prioritize project management automation

As organizations around the world embrace remote and hybrid working, project managers are faced with new challenges. Resources are as dispersed and thinly spread as ever – and disruption and change seem to be par for the course these days. But as organizations look to shore up their digital capabilities to facilitate remote work and adapt to change, it’s crucial that investments in project management automation aren’t neglected at your organization. In fact, we think it should be right at the forefront of your plans.

In this blog, we’ll outline why project automation can be vital to setting up your organization for digital transformation success. We’ll also highlight four areas where process automation can make a big difference.

Why you need project management automation

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many emerging workplace trends – especially those involving flexible working options for employees. The technology to facilitate remote working had been available before the pandemic, of course. However, many organizations were yet to invest in digitizing core processes and systems that would support this kind of working. But this changed with the pandemic’s arrival – and many organizations were compelled to speed up this investment to achieve business continuity.

This sped up digital transformation at many organizations, which have now become more open, able, and prepared for the realities of remote working. The workforce is more dispersed than ever before. Not only has this let employees improve their work-life balance, but it also provides fantastic opportunities for organizations to operate in a more agile way and to pool together global talent in a way that wasn’t possible previously.

For project managers and the project management office (PMO), even though resources are distributed across a wider number of locations, the fundamentals of project management remain. What is required to make project management a success in the remote workplace is simply the technology investment to support it.

As the PMO is so crucial to maintaining success across the organization, it makes sense to direct technology investments there first. But this is rarely the case, as organizations opt for quick wins and easy fixes. Making sure remote workers have the hardware they need is evidently important, but so too is ensuring processes are up to the job of remote work. It’s great having a new laptop to work from home with, but there’s not much you can achieve with it if your core workflows are broken.

Want a closer look at how project automation is the missing piece of the puzzle in your organization’s digital transformation strategy?

Four examples of project automation

Here are four areas where project management automation can help the PMO deliver:

  1. Automating manual tasks
  2. Improving data collection
  3. Understanding how long things actually take
  4. Bringing people and tasks together

1. Automating manual tasks

Organizations depended on manual processes and tasks, including paper-based ones, for far too long. The flaws in relying on manual processes became all too apparent when COVID-19 closed offices in 2020. Paper processes became an impossible obstacle when employees started working from different physical locations.

Manual processes are also much more susceptible to human error. By automating these, you can not only streamline and speed them up but also make them more accurate and reliable. What’s more, you can free up project managers to focus on higher-value tasks. And when automation is implemented across the entire organization, project managers will also benefit from more efficient colleagues.

2. Improving data collection

With process automation solutions, you can ensure that all your people, processes, and systems are connected automatically. Not only does this streamline processes, but ensures data is saved in the right place at the right time. This means that everybody can access the information they need when they need it. For project managers, this guarantees project information is consistent and available to all.

3. Understanding how long things actually take

With digital workflows, colleagues can be automatically prompted to provide timekeeping details at pre-defined stages of projects. And with digital forms, it makes it easy for everyone involved. This is a much more efficient and reliable way of keeping tabs on time spent on projects. Similarly, workflows can be set up to help monitor what has and hasn’t been done – and by whom. Automatic prompts for project or task progress can also be set.

4. Bringing people and tasks together

Remote working requires digitized processes to keep workflows moving like clockwork. Where communication could once be carried out with a few words across the office, a lot of this now needs to be done automatically. Otherwise, it’s far too easy for tasks to fall through the cracks, leading to projects stalling and bottlenecks developing. Employees can be automatically notified when a task has been completed or a milestone passed to keeping workflows moving.

Automate every angle of your projects

Automation is here to help project managers. And with solutions like the Nintex Process Platform, you can ensure that all your project bases our covered.

Nintex has a suite of sophisticated process automation solutions, including for project management automation, which can improve how you work across all departments. With process mapping, process analytics, workflow automation, and much more, organizations can accelerate digital transformation in the areas that are most beneficial to driving successful project outcomes. That’s great news for your project management team.

With powerful low-code functionality, the PMO can oversee and direct digital transformation to meet their specific requirements. Drag-and-drop interfaces allow for non-developer employees to get involved and drive digital change where it’s needed most. It’s never been easier to build workflows or custom applications for project management automation – and the technology has never delivered greater value.



To learn more about the importance of project automation and how Nintex can help your organization, get in contact with the Nintex team today.



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