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4 Business and Technology Trends for 2021

We’re not even a month into 2021 and so much has happened already! We have a new President and administration in the U.S., the ongoing pandemic, and everything else in-between.

Business is booming for the technology industry though. Zoom is a globally recognized brand and Amazon’s CEO became the richest man in the world by a longshot. Why? It all revolves around tech of course! Technology that provides digital services – available even in a pandemic.

There’s no need to study how Netflix was the big fish that ate Redbox that ate Blockbuster (sadly for us nostalgics) overnight. We know it’s because digital services are necessary for business now. The more convenient, the better.

Here are four Business and Technology Trends for 2021 predicted by Nintex.

Trend 1 – The remote workplace

We surveyed 1,000 American workers to shed light on what matters to employees across multiple job roles and industries. The findings from the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study are fascinating and insightful.

In short, 70% of respondents said their experiences working remotely during COVID-19 have been better and more productive than they expected.

American professionals are spending less time commuting and less money on business attire. More time is spent with family and more money is spent on essentials; i.e. the cost of living. No, despite the temporary phenomenon, not just toilet paper.

The buzzing office—whether it was the employee chatter, a sales call, or the beverage machines—has become a distant memory. And it will probably remain that way for a while. Hopefully, we can find a way to safely return to the office sooner rather than later!

51% of the respondents favored permanent flexibility to work remotely. And the right tools at home boost efficiency.

A majority of respondents said working remotely would improve their work life. Offices could operate at reduced capacities and those who prefer to work remotely can have the option to do so, considering over 70% of people are more productive at home.

To learn more about our Workplace 2021 study, sign up for our upcoming webinar with Nintex VP of Product and Experience, Zoe Clelland, as she analyzes the findings over an audio-visual experience.

Trend 2 – Automation

Automation is another huge business trend that will continue in 2021. Forbes and Inc.com made similar predictions in small variants – whether it was robotic automation or industrial automation. According to the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study, employees want access to automation software to be more efficient.

We continually see automation coupled with efficiency. Although there should always be efficiency gains with automation, automation can be simple too. It’s not always complex!

Many Nintex customers are building new automated solutions every single day. For example, GM Financial has automated over 500 processes across the business. Learn more about GM Financials’ automation success on our Workflow Wonders webinar series.

Trend 3 – Telehealth and other “tele-services”

From virtual doctor visits to online exercise classes, we will continue to see a rising trend for digital services in 2021 and throughout the remainder of the decade. Where possible, many businesses have tried to accommodate customers online with better scheduling tools and ordering options on their websites.

We can think of scheduling medical appointments before 2020 – hardly ever online – mostly via phone call. Now we’re scheduling online and with apps like MyChart and sometimes we’re getting a prescription or diagnosis through a telehealth meeting with our doctor.

Nothing is what it used to be. Whether it’s better or worse differs depending on who you’re asking.

An argument to support “for the better” arguments can be seen in the medical field. With record-time advancements such as:

  • Preventative measures in the form of a vaccine
  • Testing availability to reduce community transmission
  • Treatment solutions to help aid recovery and cure severe cases

In 2021 and beyond, we’ll see a rise of (“tele”) services that are provided virtually.

Trend 4 – Sanitation and security

Hotels are boasting about their “enhanced” sanitation especially in high-traffic areas like light switches and handles. It’s making some of us question what kind of cleaning was happening before COVID-19? Hopefully, we’ll continue to see this sanitation trend long after we’ve learned how to live in a post-coronavirus world. But we’ll definitely see more of it in 2021.

Sanitation will also be top of mind as offices start to re-open. Communal spaces will be frequently wiped and work areas will be distanced. Could the long buffet lines at catered office events be a thing of the past? Please no, don’t take those from us too!

We’ll see business sanitizing data as another 2021 trend. When it comes to cybersecurity, clean data can help protect businesses against cybercrimes. FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes during the beginning of the pandemic. As we see a spike in online activity like we had, we’ll also see an increase in cyber-attacks.

The future is bright

More automation is happening in 2021. It’s happening in every industry and any feasible profession. People are recognizing the need for it.



To learn about Nintex process automation technology and how it can help your business, get in contact with our experts today!



Samantha Pugh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Samantha Pugh spends her time creating content, organizing digital events, and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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