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Five strategies to prevent employee burnout

Even the best employees can suffer from burnout. Stress and exhaustion have a major impact on productivity and accuracy. And after a long period of burnout, many employees simply give up and look for more fulfilling work elsewhere.

According to a Gallup poll, 23% of employees report feeling burned out very often or always, while another 44% are burned out sometimes. That means you likely have employees right now who feel their day-to-day has become repetitive, mundane, or overwhelming. They may be considering their options—so what can you do to prevent employee burnout?

1. Use tried-and-true morale-boosting methods

Employees want to feel valued, and that means offering fair pay for the work (and for your local market), along with competitive benefits. But what really tips the scales is great company culture. Many companies offer benefits beyond health insurance and a 401K match, including innovative company events, work-at-home opportunities, and even snacks.

But the best way to show your employees you value them is to simply ask what they need. Your employees all have different priorities. Some may want more guidance towards their career objectives while others simply want more flexible work hours.

2. Involve your employees in key decisions

Many employees feel burned out because they haven’t had the opportunity to participate in decisions that impact their role. Involving every employee in at least some of your key decisions can help ensure an overall positive impact on the company.

For example, when you’re creating a job description for a new role in the company, existing employees will know what skills or qualities will help eliminate some of the stresses of their own roles. When comparing new tools and software, your team will have valuable input into the capabilities they need to get the job done.

3. Automate more processes to free up time

Repetitive, mundane tasks and processes absorb a ton of your employees’ time. And human error may result in skipping some important steps within these processes.

Automation allows your team the opportunity to free up their time to focus on what matters most to your company’s bottom line. Process automation software gets rid of the redundant processes that occupy employee time, like Stuart Bonnell’s IT team did at Sarasin & Partners using Nintex K2’s low-code development platform:

“The end-to-end time required for our incident reporting process has reduced by 75%. In the risk management team, this has resulted in the equivalent saving of one day per week for a full-time member of staff.”

Implementing digital process automation goes beyond solving for employee burnout. You can speed up processes and improve accuracy. Ultimately, your employees will be able to focus on more high-level tasks, allowing them to take pride in their work.

4. Be clear about roles and responsibilities

Employees can spend a lot of time shuffling from task to task, just trying to make sure they’re on the right track. When employees are not 100% clear of what’s expected of them, a lot of energy is wasted just trying to figure out what to do next.

An employee may be spending 50% of their time on tasks like data entry and project management when you really wanted them to devote time to a larger strategy.

Clarity about job responsibilities can relieve a lot of stress and help you figure out what tools or resources you need to help teams devote their time to the most important tasks.

5. Encourage your HR department to focus on preventing employee burnout

If employee burnout is a problem in your organization, you can’t afford to keep your HR team out of the loop. If they’re occupied with tedious paperwork and processes, they won’t have time to focus on finding solutions.

With Nintex K2’s digital process automation tools, you can automate human resources processes like employee onboarding and offboarding, performance management, and benefits enrollment to keep HR focused on employee success.

Unleash employee potential by implementing automation across your company to simplify processes and ultimately reduce employee stress—so teams can spend more time on what really matters.



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