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Feeling Inspired by Microsoft Inspire

As I reflect on my time at this week’s annual Microsoft Inspire partner conference in Las Vegas I must admit that this is the best I have ever felt returning from Vegas.

Sure, a part of this was wise decision-making that I was in my room by 10 p.m. each night, avoiding the many distractions the city has to offer. But more importantly, and impactful, was my experience at the conference itself.

My participation served to only further my passion and conviction for our business here at Nintex. The momentum we’re seeing with Nintex for Office 365 is real, and partner and customer excitement for our latest workflow and forms capabilities is very exciting.

Game Changing Initiatives

Developed over many years, our go to market strategy leverages great relationships with partners. As an organization, we remain extremely partner-centric and committed to ensuring our partners and customers are successful.  I am more convinced than ever that we are destined to exponentially multiply the value we deliver to customers with our partners.

Additionally, Microsoft itself has dramatically increased its commitment to partners like Nintex who offer innovative solutions leveraging Microsoft technology.

The recently promoted co-sell program is a game changer for all parties involved.  In fact, our Nintex Cloud platform leverages Azure extensively.  When our mutual partners deliver applications automating end customer processes not only does the customer win; Nintex, the Nintex partner, and Microsoft also win.  For me, it is highly encouraging to see the commitment by Gavriella Schuster and Judson Althoff to this program.

I’m also proud that Nintex is one of the absolute best examples of both the partner to partner and co-sell opportunities. For example, just look at our most recently completed quarter – where more than 100 Nintex co-sell opportunities with Microsoft have closed with nearly all of them involving one of our mutual partners.

This is only the beginning.

We expect to be one of Microsoft’s leading co-sell partners in Fiscal Year 2019.

What Success Looks Like

The evolution of Microsoft in the last few years under Satya Nadella’s leadership is impressive, and we’re proud to be one of the company’s most successful ISV partners.

As a cloud-first, partner and customer-focused company ourselves, we care deeply about the experience of our employees and the difference we make in the world.

When I look back at my nearly five years at Nintex, the progression of Microsoft and its ecosystem is significant.  Companies like Nintex and our many successful partners, who have embraced cloud computing with a customer-first approach, are now seeing unprecedented success.

During Inspire, I had the opportunity to meet with several of our top mutual partners including the 2018 Nintex Partner Award winners.  Understanding each of their stories of success highlighted some common themes worth sharing.

These themes include:

  • Customers are more motivated than ever to improve their customer experience and operations through cloud technology.
  • Across the board, customers have active initiatives focused on process excellence through technology.
  • There is more growth opportunity than most firms can handle; we are in an enviable position of having the right technology and the right solutions at a time of great need.
  • Hiring and retaining talent seems to be the greatest current challenge across the industry.

I also was fortunate to attend the Women in Technology luncheon at Microsoft Inspire and left inspired by what I heard and experienced. I left the room already ruminating on an idea to inspire the women in Nintex to become more active in shaping our company. More on that in a future post.

Our future at Nintex is bright. We are very blessed to have a tremendous market opportunity right in front of us, outstanding partners, excellent employees, thousands of loyal customers, and industry-leading workflow automation technology that makes it easy for people to automate, orchestrate, and optimize business processes.


It was a real pleasure seeing you all at Inspire this year. Let’s make this our best year yet!

Eric Johnson

Nintex CEO Eric Johnson has more than two decades of financial and operational experience at mid- and large-sized software companies, previously serving as Nintex CFO from 2014-2018. He has a passion for customer success and ensuring Nintex is a great place to work.

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