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By popular demand: Workflow failure notifications for Office 365

When Nintex launched its Product Feedback Site, our goal was to give our amazing community of customers and partners a voice. We want real-world feedback, use cases, and requests from the folks who use our products daily. We value this feedback and take it seriously, and it shapes our product roadmap. In fact, the majority of our updates come directly from a request made on the site.

Over the years, we’ve received excellent ideas and feedback – and we’re pleased to let you know that one of the most highly requested features over that time is here.

Workflow failure notifications for Office 365

Workflows can fail for a variety of reasons, sync issues with external systems, incorrect data, workflow logic, and unexpected workflow engine failures.

However, regardless of the reason for the failure, a critical factor is what happens once it fails. Is someone notified, and can the cause be identified so it can be quickly remedied? With workflow failure notifications for Office 365, you can now configure your workflows to let people know if a failure occurs.

A new field allows you to identify a workflow owner. Understanding that notifications shouldn’t always be sent to the person who last published the workflow.

You can add one or more contact, and anyone added will receive the email notification in case of a failure.

Email notification

The notification email will provide the workflow owner with all the necessary detail to track down the cause of the failure. We allow you to send two different types of email, depending on the type of workflow.

For a site workflow, you will receive:

  • The name of the workflow, including a link to the SharePoint workflow gallery page.
  • A listing of all failed workflow instances during a specified period. We process in blocks, and there may be multiple workflows that fail within that timeframe.
  • The date and time the workflow failed, with a link to the SharePoint instance details page and the initiator of the instance.
  • The user who last modified the workflow.

For a list workflow, you are provided with similar detail; however, the main difference is that the name of the workflow links directly to the list.

Notifications are only sent for production workflows, if a workflow is in “Development,” you will not be notified in case of failure. To receive notifications for this type of workflow, you publish them to “Production.”


To best monitor the workflows with minimal resource usage on your SharePoint tenant, all of your tenant’s sites aren’t processed at once. We spread them out throughout an alerting window, meaning workflow owners may receive alerts at different times for workflows that are on different sites.

Over 10,000 customers use the Nintex platform, and we’re continually working to improve functionality and usability. If there is something you’d like to see added, please let us know.

For more information on how to enable Workflow failure notifications click here.



If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement, please share that feedback.


Matt Mayhew

Matt is a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, located in the Bellevue, WA office. He is passionate about product marketing and has 10+ years of experience guiding product evangelism in various environments. Matt enjoys creating and executing marketing strategy and telling a compelling product story.

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