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The Expense Report Process is Killing Your Productivity: Why You Should Automate

The expense report process has got to be one of the most tedious jobs your employees have to do.

For business people, it’s the frustration of having to hunt through all their scrunched-up bills from a business trip. For salespeople, it’s the difficulty of proving (and remembering) what travel costs were incurred while working, and what were incurred through everyday life. For finance staff, it’s the monotony of trying to figure out what’s written on paper forms and correcting any errors.

No one likes the expense report process. Indeed, one survey discovered that a full 18% of employees would agree to take out the company trash if it meant never having to fill in an expenses form again.

Why is the expense report process so universally hated?

  • It’s hard to remember all details
  • Time is spent filling in forms by hand rather than doing valuable work
  • It’s often expected to be completed out of hours
  • It can take a long time to get the money back
  • It’s annoying when you realize you’ve lost receipts

Perhaps most importantly, the expense report process can cost businesses huge sums of money. A piece of recent research discovered that the average corporate wastes up to 3,000 hours per year on manually filling in and correcting expense form errors.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to automate the expense report process. Bruce is a top salesman at Invento Corp. Every week, he carries out client meetings, visiting offices in person to sell Invento products and services. He drives to cities and towns across the state and sometimes stays the night at hotels.

Bruce Hates His Company’s Expense Report Process:

Every week, Bruce needs to print out a generic paper form (which is annoying if he’s away from the office and needs to find a printer).

  • He collects all his receipts and handwrites all his expenses. If he can’t find a receipt for something he paid for six days ago, he can’t do anything about it.
  • He then scans the form and all the receipts and emails it to a colleague in finance.
  • She then reads through Bruce’s handwritten forms and discovers an error – so she has to email him back to resolve it.
  • He then scans the form and all the receipts and emails it to a colleague in finance.

So, What Would Automating the Expense Report Process Look Like?

Every time Bruce pays for anything, from a hotel stay to a bar bill when taking clients out, he simply takes a photo of the receipt on his smartphone.

  • Next day, Bruce opens up a Nintex Form on his smartphone in the company intranet. He fills in all his expenses easily into the form and attaches the photos of all his receipts. Any empty fields that he’s required to complete are highlighted, so he can’t ever send the form without enough information included.
  • In a couple of minutes, he has completed all his weekly expense requests and taps ‘send’.
  • Moments later, his finance colleague receives an email containing all the details of the expenses claim, which is automatically entered into a system where she records all the data.
  • She quickly reviews Bruce’s claims, sees all is in order and clicks ‘accept and approve’ and the information is automatically input into the company’s system and Bruce is refunded quickly.

Automate the Expense Report Process

By ending the dependence on manual paper expense forms, you cut the chances of delays, errors and time wasted. Nintex provides powerful workflows which make it quick and easy to complete the expense report process, leaving employees more time to do the work they’re most skilled at.


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