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Expediting legal processes through process automation

Advancing your digital transformation strategy is a win/win for legal clients and firms.

In the legal industry, case outcomes depend on time-sensitive documentation. That translates to accelerating your processes with secure eSignature, responsive digital forms, and precise document generation – all with high privacy standards.

We’ve highlighted how several leading firms are leveraging Nintex to do just that, while also improving client interactions and ultimately increasing the viability of their cases.


Captorra is legal case management and intake application used across North America.

When deploying the legal intake software solution, Captorra’s product team knew they needed to incorporate the ability for signatures to be captured online, quickly.

After discovering significant limitations from other off-the-shelf providers, Captorra selected Nintex AssureSign® as their preferred eSignature solution for its robust integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and great customer service.

Since integrating Nintex AssureSign® into their own CRM workflows as well as their legal intake product, Captorra’s law firm customers can now send documents for signature with the click of a mouse while also keeping CRM information current. This reduced new client onboarding time from days to minutes.

What’s more, Nintex AssureSign®’s SMS/text to sign feature empowers both Captorra and its users to quickly reach 60 percent of consumers without email access on their smartphone or mobile device.

Closing 60% of deals with eSign via Text

With the power of Nintex AssureSign®, Captorra and its user firms are empowered to introduce, qualify, and close leads with a single phone call.

Read the case study to learn more.

Shine Lawyers

Australian law firm, Shine Lawyers, has focused on cutting legal complexity by simplifying its client onboarding process with Nintex K2 Software.

Previously, Shine relied on a time-consuming Q&A for every prospective new client lasting upwards of 30 minutes—a substantial time commitment the firm could not necessarily bill for.

The firm knew they needed a solution that would offer integrations with multiple systems—without the need for too much custom coding—so they decided to leverage their existing investment in K2 Software. To do this, Shine engaged technology partner rapidMATION to build an intelligent solution that integrated SmartForms, SmartObjects, and RPA.

rapidMATION replicated Shine’s existing client onboarding forms with SmartForms that were both interactive and intelligent, automatically sending clients down the proper path depending on their case viability. The SmartForm also integrates with Shine’s content management systems and a Google API, so the solution can even access calendars to determine when lawyers are available.  

Now, prospective customers are able to begin the intake and registration process right away.

$290K worth of new cases booked in the first 8 weeks

By automating these process steps, Shine has been able to dramatically reduce the amount of manual work involved in client onboarding, allowing call center representatives to focus on more value-added work.

Read the case study to learn more.

Shoosmiths LLP

UK law firm, Shoosmiths LLP has leveraged Nintex K2 Software to replace 13 legacy workflow technologies with a single platform.

Using Nintex K2 Five, Shoosmiths has implemented a combination of process optimization, document and process automation. The firm has been able to speed up its processes, deliver more prompt service for its customers, and significantly reduce its annual operating expenditure.

Over 800 people hours saved weekly and £160K per year

Within one function alone, the firm estimates it saves up to 60 minutes per case handler per day. This equates to approximately 800 hours per week. By replacing the legacy workflow technologies with a single solution based on Nintex K2 Five, the firm reduced its annual operating expenditure by approximately £160,000 ($205,000 USD).

The firm is leveraging Nintex K2 Five workflows in four key areas of its business, with plans to extend this across other areas.

Read the case study to learn more.

Leading U.S. Law Firm

A major U.S. law firm with more than 1,100 attorneys in 23 U.S. cities partners with clients across every industry sector has adopted Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, and Nintex DocGen® to streamline their file storage process – reducing file inventory by 40%.

Reducing office file costs by 75%, saving nearly $6 million

Following the adoption of a new client records retention policy, the firm turned its attention to the costs and liabilities of file storage. The new policy allows for the destruction of records 10 years after completion, pending client notification.

Using Nintex Workflow, the firm created an automated solution to notify clients – including finding qualifying files, generating client notification letters and envelopes, and tracking the process.

With this solution, the firm now has an efficient and scalable legacy file process and has begun implementing it across all offices.

The firm estimates a 75% reduction labor costs, saving nearly $6 million, compared to mail merge options – and expects to realize even more savings over time.

Read the case study to learn more.

Process automation solutions like these are enabling firms to assist more clients – even after the doors are closed for the day. Expanding your business and tailoring to your client’s needs has never been faster or easier with Nintex powering your productivity.



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