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Why Everyone on Your Team Needs to Build Their Own Apps

Technology is evolving at a remarkable pace, and as technology advances, businesses are also faced with the pressure to evolve.

How can businesses continue to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to this ever-changing environment? One good way is through building their own apps.

Creating your own apps can help your business run smoother – and it’s not as hard as you think.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

While they may take more time to develop and a degree of technical skill, developing your own custom apps comes with many benefits.


We live in the world of automation. If you’re automating a process, you need to give your users the option to use it all the time.

For example, let’s say you’ve automated some part of a leave request process in your business. If the person who needs to finalize the approval isn’t able to complete the process on a mobile device, there is a higher chance of the process getting delayed.

An app isn’t limited to containing only one process. You can keep all your Nintex workflows in one place by creating a mobile enterprise app. The app allows you to choose which forms are displayed on the app, giving users a clean look.

Creating an app allows you to complete processes on a device that most people already have – mobile devices. It doesn’t require investment in heavy machinery or even company phones; employees can simply use their phones to access the software. Using an app also doesn’t necessarily require internet connectivity. Employees can collect data in the field and then upload it to the system when they get back to the office.

One airline did this to streamline their safety incident reporting process. Instead of writing incidents on paper and typing them up once they reached a computer like they used to, with the help of Nintex Forms, they streamlined their reporting process. Now, pilots simply type in the incident on their mobile device and the form will automatically upload once they get internet connection again.


You know your business best; you know what your business problems are. You also know which apps and tools your team is already using and comfortable with, so you can design apps that work right for you.

If you have a single problem or process and you want to build a solution to address it, only a custom app can provide that level of customization.

You build it however you want to, and update it whenever you want to add any additional features you didn’t think of the first time or correct any bugs. This gives you greater control over the managing of the application.

If you have a proprietary app, you can customize it to look however you want by adding all your own branded content and logos and whatever else you want to include. This saves you the trouble of trying to convince all your employees to download the Nintex Mobile App. Instead, you can tell them to download your custom app that is made just for your company.

Our support team here at Nintex created an app that allows employees to give other coworkers recognition and include their manager in the comment. This app fosters a positive work environment and helps managers make informed decisions. And it only took minutes to make.


A native app is quicker, more secure and provides rich functionality. And rich, powerful apps don’t take long to make.

The real power and speed come from the fact that the app is using native code, not interpreted code. This allows the app to run smoother.

Building Their Own Apps Empowers Users

Creating your own app on Nintex App Studio is easy enough for the information worker, powerful enough for the engineer. It all depends on if you want to build a general-purpose app, a one-trick pony, or something in between. The app can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

And, if you’re on our enterprise plan, you already have access to App Studio!

Custom apps are more convenient, customizable, function better, and can make your company more competitive. If you want to stay relevant, especially in the tech industry, your teams need to build their own apps.


Start building your own apps on Nintex App Studio today. Try Nintex free for 30 days!

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