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Establishing a pace, tempo, and tone for a healthy (remote) work environment

The majority of organizations are now establishing a new normal for employees due to COVID-19. This change in workplace norms creates a more positive employee experience.

“Employees are now really demanding the same attention as organizations are giving their customers,” says Nintex Technical Evangelist Terry Simpson.

Below is a quick excerpt from Terry’s recent webinar on establishing a new normal for employees while they are remote working.

“Think about the pace of your business that you work in today – there’s a certain amount of consistency that’s involved – pace, tempo, and tone. There’s a pace in what you do, a certain process that your business follows. Then, just as important as the pace is the tempo of the business. Tempo’s going to change based on seasonality – when the fiscal year ends, or broader macro-climate changes.

But the biggest thing here is the tone. My wife and I jokingly talk about the tone of our household. When I get home at the end of the day, within probably five seconds of walking in the door, it’s very easy to pick up on the tone of the household. This is true for your business as well. Is it positive? Is it negative? Are there things that make you nervous or excited?”

Digital transformation enables workplace consistency

Pace, tempo, and tone are important to pay attention to in your organization as we start to establish a new norm for our workforce. Critical to success in this effort is digital transformation, a term we’ve been using a lot over the last ten years.

“Digital transformation is not about going out and replacing a form and say that you’ve digitally transformed,” says Terry. “It is an experience you’re creating for your customers and employees.

“Take a physician’s office as an example – maybe I get a text the day before reminding me of my appointment the next day. In that text is a registration form I can fill out. A touchless experience would allow me to sign that form directly on my device so that when I enter the doctor’s office tomorrow, I eliminated all of the paperwork processes.”

So, how do you take this concept and apply it to your HR function or even the broader organization to digitally transform, keeping in mind of pace, tempo, and tone?

Remote working prohibits us from being able to get up from our desks and walk over to speak to an HR employee when we pass them in the hallway. Businesses have to think about how to find ways to facilitate communication and meet increasing employee expectations.

That’s where automation comes into play. Nowadays, many employees want to be able to interact, whether that be through an anonymous feedback form to HR, or even changing some information in the internal system. There are lots of ways that they want to interact with HR, but employees want it to be more to self-service, with instant gratification as the end-goal.



Interested in learning more about this topic? Watch our on-demand webinar here and learn from the expert.



Paul Hsu

Paul Hsu is a passionate marketer with experience in marketing communications, product marketing, event planning, and go-to-market strategies. As a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, Paul focuses on crafting and developing targeted messaging and content to help customers realize the value of process management and automation. Prior to Nintex, he spent more than 5 years at Microsoft marketing Dynamics, Windows, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 to public sector and enterprise organizations. Paul has an MBA from University of Virginia and is currently based out of the Nintex headquarters in Bellevue, Wa.

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