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eSignatures and Dynamics 365: Trends shaping the technology

Did you know only 45% of smartphone users have mobile access to their email?

Did we just blow your mind?

Even more daunting? The implications for your business…

When consumers can’t sign documents immediately, the chances of having them completed within 24-72 hours decreases significantly.

So, what are businesses like yours–with time crunches ever-growing–to do!?

Well, you could follow your customers or prospects around, offering a gentle reminder to sign on the dotted line every five or so..

Or (if you’re not particularly fond of harassment claims) you can do the next best thing…

Let your documents follow them around…

Leverage the technology nearly every consumer already has in their back pocket:

Text messaging

Now, after reading that, let us guess what you’re thinking…

  • “texting is sort of an improper communication channel for business, isn’t it?”
  • “text messages aren’t secure enough for sensitive business affairs… especially with today’s overwhelming cybersecurity concerns.”
  • “does anyone really do this!? I mean, if someone already has a phone to text on, can’t he just use his email app to open my email containing their eSigning link?”

All great thoughts, and they’re queries we hear often.

But, before explaining how allowing customers to sign documents on a phone via SMS/text message can account for over half of your won deals — let’s take a look at the numbers*…

  • 55% of smartphone users do not have mobile email access
  • Only 27% of people using smartphones to view their email, check them as they arrive
  • 9 out of 10 text messages are read in under 3 minutes
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate (compared to email’s 20%)
  • 80% of consumers report utilizing text messaging for business purposes

The increased close rates by letting customers sign documents on a phone with SMS eSignatures can leave people astonished.

The trend for swift action elicited by text isn’t slow growing, either… According to emailmonday.com, the amount of “clicks” that occur on a smartphone recently skyrocketed from 23% to 48% in just under two years’ time. That’s quite the hike.

Conversely, the trend for traditional email open rates are experiencing decline.

Why are people taking longer to open an email?

Think about it this way…

If we looked at your Gmail or Outlook inbox right now… would we see just a handful of pertinent messages neatly organized and flagged by priority? Or, would we see an overflowing inbox of unread and junk emails?

Don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone.

In fact, we all have the best of intentions, but letting our inboxes become inundated with spam, marketing offers, Lyft receipts, follow-ups, etc. is simply a reality in today’s world of busy. And those you do business with are undoubtingly in the same boat.

But, with our inboxes more crowded than a season opener, it’s only logical that a tumbling open rate among traditional emails follows suit.

For every challenge, there’s a perfect solution…

At first thought, a sluggish open rate may not seem overly problematic… until you consider all the business dealings and opportunities that require formal sign-offs.

…Purchase orders, quotes, licensing agreements, consent forms, shareholder agreements, client intake/acquisition packets, confidentiality agreements, financial applications & disclosures…

…we could be here for hours…

but we won’t keep you—you’ve got emails to get to.

Whether it’s a prospect, current customer or someone internal, the bottom line is:

Your day-to-day likely includes at least one document or form requiring a signature…

and even delays the size of minutes reduce the likelihood of securing a deal or closing business.

Enabling customers to sign documents on a phone gets business closed on your time

Interested in…

  • closing a deal
  • onboarding a client
  • approving new-hires
  • completing claims

…as quickly as possible?

Then it’s time to start thinking outside the box… inbox, that is.

Put documents and forms front and center on the device in your customer’s back pocket. Do business faster when your customers can sign documents on a phone with Nintex AssureSign®’s eSign via text!



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