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Enterprise-grade control and functionality to tackle large RPA projects

Companies automating mid-size to large projects on tight timelines often find that one bot is not enough. You may need 10 or more bots to participate in a particular project in order to hit the deadline. If you can orchestrate these bots and have them running in multiple lanes of traffic, you can accomplish much more in a condensed timeline. Of course, you also need true enterprise-grade security, communication, and encryption.

Larger organizations often have more complex initiatives and require greater control and security. So, while business users need to automate processes and reduce manual tasks, IT departments and those performing security checks must ensure that their requirements are met as well.

Nintex RPA Central provides a centralized hub and web-based interface that delivers the ability to orchestrate and administer your bots, enabling you to get large projects done quickly with enterprise-grade control and security features. It was built to meet the needs of 3 separate functional areas – automation professionals, RPA administrators, and IT security pros.

Automation professionals

Nintex refers to a task automated with RPA as a Botflow™. Automation professionals who build RPA Botflows™ are often asked to automate projects to meet the time requirements specified in SLAs (service-level agreements). In order to achieve the compressed timeline, they need to scale up their RPA Botflows™ with multiple bots. The sleek UI of Nintex RPA Central makes it easy for them to optimize bot deployment.

RPA administrators

RPA administrators are responsible for making sure that the bots are reined in and under control. They need to know what the bots are doing. Now, they can easily see what is happening, including who, when and where. Administrators can quickly and easily manage bots, licenses, and users. They can efficiently publish and unpublish botflows™ and can review, approve or deny bots from joining Nintex RPA Central.

IT security pros

IT security pros need to know that their systems are secure. They need to ensure that people can’t tamper with or hijack bots for nefarious purposes. Improved security, with encrypted communication between Nintex RPA Central and RPA bots as well as Active Directory Authentication, provides the peace of mind they need.

Nintex RPA bots are on-premise – they do not run in the cloud, which means it’s behind the organization’s firewall. For organizations, industries or even countries that are concerned about putting their data on the cloud, they can feel secure with Nintex RPA.

RPA Central uses web-based technology that will set organizations up for future innovations allowing them to integrate workflows and Botflows™ to optimize efficiency based on the business and technology need.

For large projects, you’ll likely have many bots running on a number of machines. The bots running on faster or higher-powered machines will complete their tasks more quickly. RPA Central will hand out tasks to the bots that are first in line, and once complete, they will get back in line. The bots on the faster machines will get in line more times and pick up more work resulting in a type of load balancing to complete the project in the shortest amount of time.

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Help on RPA Central is available here.

In addition to Nintex RPA, the Nintex Process Platform includes process mapping and documentation capabilities as well as workflow automation, digital forms, mobile apps, document automation, and electronic signatures.



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