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Empower your HR department and new employees with an onboarding automation workflow

Trying to hire the best talent at the moment is difficult. The Great Resignation has asked questions about how organizations operate, including whether they offer their employees good enough work-life balance. For sure, there are many reasons why employees leave a role. But businesses everywhere must at least give themselves the best chance at retaining quality staff. And every single time it begins with a great onboarding experience.

Another difficulty is that many HR departments are in overdrive, working on retention and hiring strategies, meaning they have little time to work on the onboarding process. One feasible solution is to deploy onboarding automation. This will help create a consistent onboarding experience for new employees and take some of the strain off your HR team.

In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of an automated onboarding process and how it could help your organization make a great first impression.

What is employee onboarding automation?

An automated onboarding process is a system where all the actions you would normally carry out for a new hire, such as signing contracts, background checks, and introductory training, are delivered and managed via process automation software. For some organizations, it is just a case of automating contract signing, while for others, automated onboarding means automating the entire process, from start to finish.

Company benefits of automating your onboarding process

Save money and the environment

Traditionally, onboarding has been heavily paper-based. A lot of forms change hands during this process and, when you multiply that by how many new starters your company takes on in its lifetime, you’re left with a colossal amount of paper waste. Onboarding automation remedies these issues by moving the entire process online. From application to the first day, not a single sheet of paper needs to change hands, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Save time

The obvious benefit here is time. If contracts and legal documents are being managed by automation software, your HR team has more time to spend on meaningful tasks. It’ll also save time for the hiring manager and other employees who are indirectly related to the hiring process, such as accounting/payroll.

Reducing human error

Wherever manual tasks exist, so too does human error. Whether it’s a misspelled surname, a missing DOB number, or an incorrect salary number, mistakes can cause a headache further down the line. Automating these menial, yet important, tasks reduces human error and improves the overall accuracy of your process.

Greater security

With a manual process, new starters’ data must be handled by an employee. This includes bank details, identification, and other sensitive information. In the worst-case scenario, this data could be used maliciously—think robbery, identity theft, or blackmail. However, if the entire process is handled by onboarding automation software, fewer employees need to interact with this data.

Standardized processes

Without a standardized process in place, onboarding is down to whoever is in charge. Some employees may receive weeks of useful training, while others may be thrown in at the deep on the first day. If there is no set process, it’s down to the discretion of managers. It has been found that a standardized onboarding process improves retention rates among new hires by 50%, so it will also save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

Employee benefits of an automated onboarding system

Shorter wait time

Automated onboarding eliminates the time employees spend waiting for responses and confirmations from the hiring company. An automated system will send confirmation immediately, so your new employee knows exactly where they are in the process and isn’t left wondering if they’ve been forgotten about.

Smoother first weeks

The first couple of weeks in a new job can be stressful, there’s a lot to learn and people to meet. Onboarding automation allows you to create a structured first couple of weeks for a new starter, with training, induction tasks all delivered and managed automatically. This can help to add direction and meaning to the role as early as possible.

Get paid on time

There’s nothing worse for an employee than having to wait longer than expected for that first paycheck. Automating your payroll service eliminates any embarrassing mistakes or annoying delays by removing the possibility of human error and new starters can be added to payroll on the day they sign their contract.

Effectively automate your onboarding process

To take advantage of the many benefits that come with an automated onboarding process, you’ll need a high-quality automation platform. These come in different forms, ranging from complex developer tools to low-code solutions that anyone can use.

Nintex falls firmly in the low-code camp. By making it easier for any team member to create automation, it’s easier to create solutions that solve their specific problems.

Not only can Nintex provide the powerful, yet simple, automation platform you need to create your automated onboarding process flow, but you also get access to pre-made workflow templates. This includes a customizable employee onboarding workflow automation template and many more.



Nintex transforms the way your organization works with intelligent process automation solutions that anyone can use. So if you’re looking to automate your onboarding process, contact us today or start your free 30 day trial here.



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