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The challenges of automation and how to overcome them

Workflow automation has muscled its way to the top of to-do lists in organizations across almost every industry. Though sometimes still referred to as “emerging technology,” process automation is a critical element of the digital transformation journey. It transforms business operations by automating almost any processes, whether simple or sophisticated.

However, there are challenges to automation. Like any business strategy, you can’t simply jump in and expect success. Successful implementation requires thoughtful planning and preparation. Here are three common automation mistakes:

1. Automating inefficient processes

A common thread connecting many organizations is the belief that workflow management software will automatically fix bad and inefficient processes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

If your car’s steering wheel is jammed to the right, putting the pedal to the metal doesn’t fix the problem – it just spins the car in circles. The solution to getting back on the road (safely) is understanding what’s broken, then fixing it appropriately.

The same goes for automation. When you automate a flawed process, you may simply magnify its inefficiency, exacerbating the original problem. Taking the opportunity to analyze your processes before automating them allows you to see where inefficiencies exist, then fix them to ensure optimal automation performance.

2. Poor adoption

Implementing a process automation strategy requires a workforce that is knowledgeable and prepared for changes to how they work. Educating your employees about the technology’s value and purpose should be high on your automation priority list.

People might be excited at the idea of new software and enjoy testing ways to improve their daily work life. However, if the new technology overcomplicates common processes or employees don’t understand its benefits, you could have an adoption problem on your hands.

You can give an employee a fish…

Instead, empower your employees with an in-depth training program. Organize workshops and include team members in the decision-making process. Convey the message that automating manual tasks allows workers to concentrate on higher-value work, contributing more to the business and their own workplace satisfaction.

Discuss which tasks take up their time and keep them from more valuable work, which tasks are repetitive and even monotonous. Engaging employees from every level across the department will go a long way toward ensuring adoption and implementation of any new technology. It allows workers to see automation in action and understand how it frees them up to work on higher-value tasks.

3. Choosing the wrong solution

All the training in the world won’t benefit the business if you choose the wrong workflow automation tool. You should select a solution that enables line of business (LOB) people to automate processes without writing code.

LOB workers understand their processes and are best positioned to understand what a successful workflow will look like. By enabling LOBs to implement automated processes, you achieve more efficient processes while avoiding additional burdens on your IT department. Choosing a no-code enterprise application that allows people outside the IT department to take on automation responsibilities is the first step to process glory!

With improved workflows, you’ll see a boost in productivity, your employees will be happier, and you’ll get maximum return on your workflow automation investment.

Overcome automation challenges with Nintex

The Nintex Process Platform offers many tools to get your automated processes quickly up-and-running. You can design entire workflows and add automated tasks to them with a user-friendly, no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

Nintex Promapp® helps workers visualize, understand, and improve processes to unlock real value for your organization. This provides the motivation needed to get your team on board and adopt the new system.

Nintex process analytics offers built-in analytics — giving you real-time feedback that allows you to monitor these processes and gauge performance, while offering actionable insights for improvement.

Choose Nintex to take advantage of this “emerging technology,” empower your employees, and guide you on the path to process automation success.


At Nintex, we understand that road to workflow automation is fraught with obstacles. Our workflow platform hands you the tools you need to achieve successful automation. Contact us today to find out more.


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